“Do You Believe When You Can’t See?” Jumping Into the Unknown Again


It’s been a while since I have shared where I’m standing with my career and personal circumstances. To give you a succinct update, I’m currently in transition to somewhere and something I don’t know fully yet. I quit my current job last week without a clue as to what I’m going to do next. The decision to quit my job wasn’t an emotional decision; it had been boiling for a few weeks and was intensifying every day. But it wasn’t until the feeling became so strong that I had to make a decision that I handed in my resignation. I just knew that quitting my job was the first step in the creative process of manifesting and attracting something that is more aligned with who I am now and where I intend to head. I knew that I had to let my job go so I could breathe something new.

But in this economy, the current times, and whatnot, the external noise can be loud while leaping like this. Some people concern themselves for me and question my decision. Reacting to the news that I’m leaving my current role, a colleague said, “yeah but times are hard”, implying that I’m losing some sense of security by quitting my job. There were several who insinuated something similar. And as much as I understand where these people come from – fear and lack – that’s not my baseline. Outside conditions can influence but can never define the personal reality I want to create. My response to the colleague was, “I’ll be alright”. I should have said that I’ll be great because I know I will. This blog is about why I know that I’ll be great.

As a creator, I know that all creations start with a thought. Many people who talk about “manifesting” know that it entails seeing the unseen until it manifests visibly in physical reality. Most so-called manifestors say to have a crystal clear vision, but sometimes even the vision is blurry. I’ve been in enough of those situation in where I get “clues” – bits and pieces – of what I must do next as opposed to a vision.

Not all of us have crystal clear visions. Not all of us have a plan. But all of us want to be aligned with ourselves.

In such instances where you must follow clues as opposed to a clear and fixed plan, things become more whimsical and less rational. And because of this, listening to your intuition, your inner knowing, is fundamental. Believing in yourself is essential. And having faith in things working out even as you don’t see them in physical form yet is imperative. I have learned to believe even when I can’t see, because I’ve learned to trust in myself and in the unseen.

I’m creating like an artist

I keep using the words create, creator, and creations. And this is intentional because we are creators. I’ve written extensively about this on the blog, and it’s worth repeating that we are creators. We’re always creating something – whether we’re conscious or not.

If you ask a painter, an author, a musician, a songwriter – you name it – the process of creation is not always clear. The final product is not always known. It starts with one word, one line, one string, one color, one thought… And the next steps will appear as you go along. The creative process of birthing something new is not always straightforward, and sometimes it takes time to crystalize.

I’m going through this process of creating something new for myself work-wise again – a process that started with the thought to quit my job again. I was in this position around April last year and where I landed was exactly where I needed to be during that period of my life. The job was perfect to combine with my second master’s degree which I didn’t even know I would be pursuing when I took the job. And now, here I am, at yet another intersection towards an unknown destination. This process is familiar and exciting. It’s also terrifying and scary – throwing yourself into the hands of a vision that is blurry and that only gets clearer with each step in its direction. But I’ve learned to trust and have faith.

My creations reminded me of what I can bring to life, even in the most unfavorable external circumstances. I have moved mountains I didn’t think I could simply by following my intuition and letting go when it’s time. It is because of the above that I put my trust in my precedent, and in my ability to create in alignment with my innermost desires and curiosities. I’ve become comfortable with not knowing all the details. I’ve learned to trust that the next vision and dream will appear as I follow my curiosity and intuition. Letting go of the old before starting the new works for me, even as I sometimes don’t know what the new looks like.

Quiet the noise to get the vision

What I do from this so-called creator’s perspective is an inside-out process: doing things from a place of inner-knowing and inner authority, and trusting that it will reflect a resolution in the outer world. As counterintuitive as something might seem or sound, as crazy as it may appear, or as drastic as it needs to be, when you’re navigating the world from a creator’s perspective, trusting these signs is vital. Taking it one step at a time becomes the natural thing to do.

While in this space of manifesting and attracting, one thing I keep tuning into is my feelings. I take inspired action when I feel it’s time – not sooner, not later. And sometimes, not even taking any conscious steps will lead me to the perfect place, at the perfect time. And from there, inspiration kicks in, I meet someone, I get an idea, something happens… And voila, the vision becomes clear. But this is a process.

Dears, there is strength, courage, and wisdom in taking steps before seeing the whole stair. This is coming from a guy that places a lot of value on his sense of security and stability. But I’ve learned over the years that everything is energy. I’ve learned to sensitize myself to my own energy and what my Energy Source needs from me, as irrational as something may be. I’m grateful for this gift of faith and trust. There is an ecstatic and empowering sense of trust in oneself and the unseen when taking leaps of faith. There is a boldness and power in trusting in what you can’t see as you act on your intuition.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all how this creative process evolves. I look forward to the journey to getting closer to my dreams, even if I don’t fully know what that is yet or how exactly it looks like. It’s okay to know what you don’t want while not knowing what you want. It’s okay to be in transition. I know that every culmination marks the beginning of a new journey and I’ll be brave and go where my Soul leads me, even as I have no clue how things will work out. It is my wish that you too learn to trust yourself enough to take the jumps you need to.

Dears, thank you for taking the time to read this entry.

Do you believe when you can’t see? I know I do because life has shown me what happens when I do.

Please, feel free to share with me what works for you and your experiences with taking leaps of faith and how these have paid off.

With love,
Jun 🤎

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