Essays, Critiques, and Research

I spent from 2017 to 2022 pursuing tertiary education in the Netherlands. By the time I finished my second master’s degree in Sociology, specializing in Social Inequalities (the first one was in Media Studies specializing in Media, Culture and Society), I had spent hundreds of hours doing research, writings papers, and sharpening my observational, analytical, and argumentative skills. It was an enormous privilege to be able to acquire so much knowledge from a research university. I won’t take my education for granted.

While I’m grateful for the gift of academic education, one of the disappointing things about going to university is that the essays, analyses, critiques, and research I did were never shared outside of the university. Some of these assignments were REALLY cool, and it’s a pity that I never discussed them outside of the classroom.

Considering that my aim is to use both my academic and spiritual knowledge and wisdom to help, educate and inspire, this page is dedicated to the academic work I did over the past few years, particularly during my two masters – from research to essays, academic critiques and very interesting assignments I did. This is a public archive of my most critical, remarkable, and thought-provoking work during my university years.

Here are some of the most remarkable and socially relevant works I produced during my time at a research university…

Note💡: I’ll update this list and each item in this list eventually. The intention is to give each of the items on this list special attention by making a post out of them separately. I will also dig into some old work I did during my bachelor’s and add them here – who knows, maybe someone may find something new, refreshing or interesting in those as well. For now, enjoy the titles and a direct link to the assignment I handed in. If you want to use any parts of my work, remember that plagiarism is not cool.

Master’s Thesis🧑🏾‍🎓: How COVID-19 Mandates in the Netherlands Affected the Social Capital and Sense of Belonging of Unvaccinated Dutch Citizens (August 2022).

A favorite one🤌🏾 – (a slayage of an) Academic Critique: That time I called out the Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam on their Selective Solidarity and broke down why an email they sent was racist as fuck (March 2022).

Because getting somewhere doesn’t mean you’ll end up somewhere too‼️ – Analysis: Access versus Outcome: An Analysis of Dutch Students with an Antillean Background and Their High School Educational Achievements (March 2022).

Discussing the influence of Western coverage in disasters and suffering – Essay👀: It’s About Exposure: Why One Inequality Cannot Be Labeled As ‘More Important’ Than The Other (September 2021)

Master’s Thesis 🧑🏾‍🎓(nominated for the Media Studies Thesis Price 2021🥳): How Academically Educated Black Dutchmen from Former Dutch Colonies Create and Negotiate Their Identity in White Spaces (June 2021).

Analysis of the grassroot movement Black Lives Matter and how it mobilized people✊🏾: Connected Globally, Activated Locally: an Analysis of the Black Lives Matter Campaign in The Hague (April 2021).

Research and analysis on extravagant pastors⛪👀: A Qualitative Content Analysis on Instagram Page @SneakersNPreachers And Their Audience on Online Denunciation (pastors are being called out because they’re wearing very expensive stuff and I analyzed 140 comments to see how the audience reacts to this) (January 2021).