About Me

I’m devoted to using my knowledge and wisdom, both spiritual as academic, to help, educate and inspire as many people as I can .

Hi, welcome! I’m happy you’re visiting my blog! This “About Me” page is meant for you to get to know a little bit about me. I will briefly tell about myself, what it is that I want to achieve with this blog, what my core beliefs are (in a nutshell), and my dreams and aspirations.

Who Am I?

My name is Juneal Holder. I guess you already figured that one out. Not sure how to pronounce it? Think of the word ‘meal’, remove, the ‘m’, and put Jun in front of the ‘eal’ and you’ll get Juneal. 🙂

I was born on Curaçao (a small island near the coast of the South-American country Venezuela) and lived there until I finished my secondary education. I moved to the Netherlands in 2013 to pursue tertiary education. It took me a while to figure out exactly what to do, but once I found the fields that sparked my interests, I skyrocketed. I now hold a BSc in Communication and Media, an MA in Media Studies, and an MSc in Sociology. My masters specialized in media, culture and society and social inequalities.

Today, still a student of life, I’m still living in the Netherlands. Soon after finishing my studies, I realized that I am not fit for a traditional way of working, and I decided to take a jump as a freelancer. My main intention is to help, educate and inspire people with both my academic knowledge and spiritual wisdom, and I aspire to do that in as many ways as I can. Thankfully, I’m given different opportunities to do so.

Note: I am not any of what I mentioned above. For the sake of introduction, I am writing about where I was born, where I reside, and some of the “stuff “I do/did. Who I am is beyond definitions but just like you, I use words, symbols, and labels to conceptualize my existence.

The history of JunealHolder.blog:

I created this platform, JunealHolder.blog, in November 2015 after a series of events and circumstances that I could tell weren’t “coincidental.” I could sense how all these events and circumstances had led to the inspiration to write and share what I knew. But, little did I know, that starting a blog would take me on a deeper journey of self-exploration. Little did I know that the blog, just like me, would transform several times, evolve in several ways. And as a result of that, would suffer from a few identity crises before it could become the platform it is today.

While I meant well with my intentions when I decided to start writing publicly, I found that my ego actually stood in the way in more ways than I could even think of. Back in 2015 when I started this blog, I was casting out information and telling others what to do. I attached myself to my “spiritual identity”, and thereby felt entitled to tell stuff rather than sharing my experiences and revelations.

I soon realized that even though we come from the same Source, we also come from myriads of backgrounds and deal with various situations, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all solution.” Taking time to contemplate my actions, I wanted to do things differently because I really do not like when people tell me what to do. Guide me, teach me, show me different ways – but please, do not command me. But there I was, doing the very thing I disliked so much in my writings.

Contemplating my actions also brought awareness as to why I was using the format of “telling” others what to do. I noticed that even the most distinguished leaders in the industry had similar patterns – you know, the pattern of seeming stable in the different aspects of life, so much so that they have somehow merited the right to prescribe solutions, and telling people that those solutions will solve everything for them. “Do X – it will lead you to Y.” So many people do this. Without knowing when, I too was applying the same format. Thankfully, I reflected on this pattern and wanted to do things differently. Self-reflection and introspection have given me many answers that I didn’t find in books or podcasts.

After a few confronting revelations and identity crises, I started to wonder how could I combine my philosophical perspectives and spiritual understandings in a way that doesn’t command, but rather, inspire. See, “spirituality” is an intricate subject. It’s so vague that many consider it as being mumbo-jumbo and impractical. From my experience, I know of the benefits of spiritual practices and a connection with our spiritual essence. But with so many people saying so many things, with so many layers and dynamics of the “spiritual world”, how to even begin? What to share? I felt like what I had to say – my experiences – weren’t enough to help. How can I help others with spirituality or else if I myself don’t have it all figured out and still struggle with old habits? I moved from spiritual arrogance to the feeling of incompetence. Two sides of the same coin: extremes of my ego.

It just so happened that another individual planted the seed of vulnerability in me. He gave me a perspective different than the “hero” story that, so many, aspire to. Of course, self-help literature and figures who also want to add to the expansion of global consciousness also helped me get over that idea of having to be “perfect” before I could be helpful.

After much hesitation and inhibitions that I didn’t even know were inside of me, I found my business in the fall of 2019 with the mission to create inspiring, relatable and understandable art and provide assistance with my experiences and knowledge. I wanted to do so with my newfound understanding, an open heart, and aware that vulnerability is a strength. My humanity makes me relatable.

I believe that vulnerability and humanity are strengths that not only make us relatable – they are undoubtedly valuable due to the healing and growth they allow us to undergo. If you’re looking for a list of things one must do in order to reach somewhere, you won’t find it here.

By now, I’m grounded in the awareness that I don’t have all the answers. I’m still finding my way through life. But what I can promise you is that I’m devoted to using my knowledge and wisdom, both spiritual as academic, to help, educate, and inspire from a place of humility and humanity.

What do I intend to achieve with this blog?

For me: I intend to document my growth, my experiences, and my interests, including my art through written and (audio)visual expressions. To freely and authentically, and in many different ways share my growth process with those who are interested and resonate. To have a central platform to express as I evolve, and to be able to look back and see how much I have learned.

For you: To help, educate, and inspire you with what I know. I intend to create content that makes you think critically about Life. I intend to be a source of inspiration. I intend to assist you with your growth and evolution and remind you that we can do more than we think, be more than we imagine, and experience more than what meets the eye.

What are my core beliefs?

I believe in Oneness. I also believe in individuality, uniqueness, and duality. We are different, but not separate. We live in a world that consists of polarities of energies with their respective manifestations. We are in this amazing web of connectivity, vibrating at different frequencies. I know this from many different experiences.

I believe that Love is the Force keeping things together – and that we are part of It. All is energy, and I call the Source of all forms of energy Love. The Force that created everything is keeping everything together. I call that force Love. It Is, and It Creates. I see humans as an individuation of That Force. And I think of the human experience as a journey of remembrance, evolution, and creation. The remembrance of our nature, the evolution of consciousness, and the creation of our reality – both individual and collective. I believe that we are all artists; we’re all creators. We are always creating something.

What are my dreams and aspirations?

To be a source of light, helping to illuminate and expand the human consciousness. To live an authentic life, unapologetically truthful to myself and my core. To live aligned with Love, and assist humanity with my knowledge and wisdom.

I would love to write some books, and also teach and educate – and I’ll do my part for that to happen. I would love to inspire others by living my most authentic version and sharing lessons I am learning and remembering along the way. I am also aware that Life can use me in many ways, thus I stand open for wherever God leads me and where Love takes me. I know that Life can get unpredictable – therefore I don’t attach myself to a specific title or a fixed destination.

Why do I want to do anything for the world?

Because I am one with the world. What I do for the world, I do for myself. What I give to the world, I give to myself. I am part of the world. I am part of humanity.

I hope that you enjoy the content of this blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

With love,

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work or if you feel like we can collaborate.
E: info@JunealHolder.com / M: +31 6 30836859