Give Yourself Time

#NoteToSelf 20.

This Note To Self is a reminder that everything takes time; the earth took billions of what we know as years to be in its current form; for a plant to grow it takes time; for a baby to form in a womb it takes time; it takes time for muscles to grow – and before they grow, the old ones have to be destroyed.

I consider time as we know it illusory, as I know that everything is happening in a certain moment in the Now. Conceptually a bit difficult for some to grasp, I see time, not in terms of seconds that turn into minutes and hours – even though we are using this system and I live in a society that is really clock-based and in which time equals money – but as a constant process. Time to me is a process, and just like every other process, 1) it is continuous, happening (until its end) and 2) it yields results (eventually).

Because I don’t believe in our social construct and use of time, when I talk about “time,” I think it is relevant to be specific as to what I mean. Time, to me, is the process behind and between point A and point B, and so forth.

We are living in societies that constantly pressure us to do and achieve, to compare and compete, to move fast or lose… I am encouraging you to give yourself time; give yourself permission to move at your pace from point A to point B, and so forth.

It is true, if you do not squeeze all you can squeeze out of your days and ultimately out of your life, you might regret the things you did not do or achieve. But, before continuing on this race to some destination with a constant urge to do and achieve, to be seen and acknowledged, ask yourself why.

Why am I putting so much pressure on myself? Why am I not content the way things are? Why am I chasing more and more, just to constantly reach there and realize that “more” is never enough and is always seeking for more? Why collect degrees and higher job titles and not awareness of growth and experience? Why my hurry to meet someone to make me feel some type of way?

Why can’t we just live day by day, walking awake, with our eyes within, confident that Life Always Makes a Way? Why can’t we live for the beauty of it? Why can’t we be content with right now, as it is, while we work for the next best version of ourselves to emerge?

Give yourself time. Give yourself time to grow, for growth is also a process, dependent on several factors, including the process of time. All types of growth require some amount of time. Give yourself time to rest, for resting brings clarity. Give yourself time to learn, for learning allows expansion. Give yourself time to become disciplined, for repetition and discipline create habits. Give yourself time to sculpt your body and mind as you intend, for sculpting is an artistic process – and all artists know that art takes time.

Give yourself time to give time to yourself.

Give yourself time. Time will show you how every seed you plant, will blossom in its own pace. Give yourself time. Time will heal your heartbreaks, and without knowing when, you will be made new again. Give yourself time. Time works with nature, not against it.

#NoteToSelf 20


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