Perfect Place, Perfect Time


I’ve had many many many synchronicities in my life to know that, they are not perchance or accident; I am always at the perfect place and at the perfect time for these synchronicities to manifest. The more I think about the specificity of some moments, and how bizarre everything falls into place, the more in awe and convinced I am that there is so much that I don’t know but that is working in my favor. Whether it is running “late” just to help someone I couldn’t have helped otherwise, or to experience some magic that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise, I know that I’m led and guided by a very intelligent force.

While writing this, I think about a specific instance that was so vivid and in-my-face that left me in awe. It was May 2021. I bumped into two individuals who work at two different Starbucks locations. I’m not sure if they know each other, but I have interacted with them individually multiple times. One of them also did the same bachelor’s as I did.

I remember feeling restless and confused back then. I was finishing my master’s in Media Studies and just signed a contract with a great company for a part-time job. This job had nothing to do with my studies or academic background. As grateful as I was for the opportunity, I knew that something was missing from the total picture. I knew that the job was going to be temporal and mainly to give me some financial stability, but it wasn’t the transition I saw from university to the grown-up work field. I didn’t feel like “this is it, I’m graduating and moving officially into adulthood.”

Anyway, I left home on that sunny Spring day to get some coffee and a bagel. The distance between my house and the coffee place is no more than 8 minutes walking distance. And that’s all it took for me to get inspired as to what’s next.

Not even three minutes after I had left my house, on my way to the coffee place, I bumped into the first person. We chatted a bit and I shared with him confused and conflicted I was about what to do next with my life. We interacted for a bit more, he wished me much luck, and that was the end of that.

A few minutes later, I arrived at the coffee place. Took a seat but I didn’t feel comfortable with my seat, so I went to sit elsewhere. I sat down on my new chair, looked to my left, and there was the other person. He walked to me and we started chatting and catching up. After our brief interaction of, say, 5 minutes, I was filled with inspiration. All the confusion I was feeling dissolved as our conversation inspired me to pursue a second master’s degree, in Sociology. And bizarre enough, I was still able to apply for this master’s in May (applications usually close by March or April). I did apply, got in, and have been really really enjoying all I’m learning. I’m fascinated by the people and conversations we have in class, and the overall contents of the course.

I wondered: What are the odds of me bumping into two people who work at two different locations of Starbucks bumping into me within 10-15 minutes apart? Would I have seen the second guy had I not moved seats? Would he have still seen me and walked to me? I know there’s more than just meeting two people at random to this story. I can’t fully explain it, but if you can sense what I sense, you can see the magic in this too. One thing’s for sure, I was at the perfect place, at the perfect time to get some answers to resolve my internal conflict and the sense of confusion I was walking around with.

Some less defining moments, but nonetheless still amazingly special, are the countless times I’ve exchanged thoughts with someone that, had I left home earlier or later, I wouldn’t have even seen or met. Meeting these two people was also one of those moments, but quite defining for my future.

I’m currently in Curaçao, where I was born, after over 7 years, while writing this. And I’m shown again that I’m at the perfect place, at the perfect time. The traveling dates and specifics around my homecoming are beyond my brain’s comprehension, beyond any logical explanations. Everything feels in alignment. Indeed, at the perfect place, at the perfect time. But it’s important to note that being in such “flow” doesn’t mean that things feel light or nice; sometimes alignment can feel painful and can come with a lot of emotional purging.

What about mistakes? We all make mistakes…

Even the most seemingly “bad” decisions I make and their consequences are perfect to me by now. Some things feel like they were written to happen all along. And even though you want to avoid them, they happen regardless of your precautions. There are lessons that only those “mistakes” can teach you.

Life detours and sudden changes are perfectly orchestrated by a Higher Force as well. As time passes by, I keep getting the reassurance that everything makes sense eventually – at least in my reality. I get reassured, time in time again, that I experience exactly what I need to evolve in the ways I desire.

I know that I am always at the perfect place, at the perfect time, because, this Universal Intelligence does not have room for faults. I know that I am always at the perfect place, at the perfect time, because, accidents don’t exist for God. Because I know this, I put my trust in the Higher Force that has been showing and leading me to places, opportunities, and people at the right moment – at the perfect moment.

Have you felt like there’s more to coincidences? There’s more to serendipity? There’s more to moments? Have you ever sensed a flow that, despite your personal feelings, tells you that things are unfolding divinely? I’d say, lean into that. Because there is much more than meets the eyes.

Thank you for your time, dears.

With love,

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