Neediness Doesn’t Attract Abundance

Hello, dears. Today I want to give you this insight that came 2 days ago during a 10-hour-interaction I had with a high school classmate. We randomly bumped into each other at my favorite bookstore/cafe and ended up spending the whole day together on 11/01… Literally 10 hours and a few minutes. During our conversation, this came up: the moment you stop needing things, they come to you. Let me explain…

The Law of Attraction, Again

See, the law of attraction works with vibrations and frequencies. Basically, you think, you believe, you know, you take inspired (in-spirit) action, show gratitude and you manifest. The degree of manifestations, either material or experiential ones all boils down to the sense of having received already. The extent that we attract people, events, and circumstances to us is the extent we think of them and see ourselves worthy and able of receiving them. Since energy is the universal language, the vibrations we frequent equal the stuff (experiences, people, matter) we manifest. The universe responds to the frequencies we emit. The energies we pour out are the most important factors in the quality of stuff we create and experience.

Personal story: I’ve been channeling a kind of energy that says a lot without any words lately. I’m aware that I’m vibrating on a certain frequency and receiving universal reciprocity by means of amazing encounters and synchronicities. A stranger asked me today if I dance, because of the way I carry myself around. People compliment me and smile with me regularly recently. Remember the high school classmate I hung out with for 10 hours? She had direct experiences with the law of attraction in my presence within minutes of mentioning and briefly talking about an old friend. This old friend called her while working because the friend “randomly” thought of her and wanted to see how she was doing. They haven’t spoken to each other in a very long time. Coincidences? Nah, I know better than that.

I’m telling you these things to exemplify that I’ve been creating amazing experiences for myself and others around me recently. How come do I get to experience these not-so-usual-that-are-becoming-usual kinds of stuff? Well, I have raised my vibration. I have chosen to Be More. And express Confidently.

Stop Wanting & Stop Needing

We’re sooo used to the word “want” that we use it verrryyyy often. However, when it comes to attracting and manifesting (which is something that all of us have the potential to do because we’re all creators), the word “want” becomes problematic.

You can state what you desire by saying you want X or Y, but if you keep saying what you want instead of choosing what you want, you won’t manifest what you want. Simply because wanting, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, is “to be needy or destitute; to have or feel need; to fail to possess especially in customary or required amount; to suffer from the lack of” and so on… Thus, when you want, you’re still screaming DEFICIENCY and LACKING. Manifesting comes out of a notion of ABUNDANCE, thus the OPPOSITE of wanting.

If you want, the energy you emit is one of wanting. If you need, the energy you emit is one of neediness. If you know, the energy you emit is confidence and awareness.

Words carry power, y’all. All things, including words, carry vibrations. Become conscious of how you use the word “want”. Say what you want, what you intend, what you desire, but don’t stay in that cycle of wanting for too long, because per definition, by wanting you’re implying you haven’t received yet. How can you manifest if you keep wanting? The law of attraction responds to your thoughts, your vibrations. If the thoughts you’re sending out are of “wanting”, you keep getting people, things, events, and circumstances that give you more to want.

I’ve been consciously manifesting with the law of attraction for over 5 years now – and all my manifestations so far have come out of conviction and confidence.

The moment you stop wanting, you can start creating. The moment you stop needing things, they will come to you. The moment you start knowing that what you wish for is already existent and that you are worthy is the moment you will start consciously manifesting your desires. Of course, you need to act on your desires – and this is only possible if you believe in yourself and see yourself as worthy of your desires.

What type of energy do you choose to pour out? Be careful, because whatever you emit, you attract. Whatever you think of for too long, you bring to you. Whatever you believe, you create. So… What do you choose to manifest?

2 Replies to “Neediness Doesn’t Attract Abundance”

  1. Hey Juneal!
    I absolutely love this article! I totally agree with you and I also believe… no… I KNOW that whatever you give you will also receive.
    Keep up the good work love!!


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