Align Your Actions With Your Intentions

Hi Y’all,

Here I am again behind the keyboard. I wrote a few #affirmations in the past couple of weeks and posted a couple of videos on Instagram, but honestly, I was mostly dealing with my inhibitions and emotions; accepting my awkwardness and giving a place to my fears and insecurities. I started writing this piece a few weeks ago but didn’t feel inspired to continue on it until today. So let’s dig into this content :).

As you might have noticed, I’ve been paying a great deal of attention to the law of attraction in my last writings. From the “Stories We Create” series to “Neediness Doesn’t Attract Abundance”, I’ve been writing mostly lately about the law of attraction and how it works in co-creating our realities. I am emphasizing on this because I think we are at a point in our evolution that is calling us to take command of our lives and become conscious of our inherent capabilities.

Even though I’ve mentioned this multiple times, it’s worth repeating once again: energy is the language of the universe. The universe responds to our vibrations. Thus, just like ‘wanting’ creates more to want, because by wanting you are not vibrating on the frequency of having already received, so do your actions reflect the vibrations you’re giving out.

Now it’s time to write about actions: the input required from us to manifest.

Raise your vibration by aligning your actions with your intentions

You have to put in the work to manifest. Manifestations are not just affirmations; they are the totality of thoughts, words, and deeds. All these vibrating at the frequency of your intentions.

When your actions correspond with your intentions, you move from belief to knowing. This upgrade from thought to awareness is what materializes whatever you intend. I’m going to exemplify what I mean with some personal examples.

When I wanted a new job and my own living space in 2015:
I was working in 2014 – 2015 for a promotion agency that would send promoters to different locations to promote and sell gadgets and electronic appliances for its clients (brands). We worked on projects basis and each project consisted of a different crew. Some projects would have a length of weeks, whereas others would be for some months. The commute to several cities to promote became a bit exhaustive, and since no project would consist of the same people, I never had colleagues I could work with for a prolonged period.

At a certain point, I just didn’t want to continue doing that anymore. Instead, I wanted to work for a multinational with a group of fixed colleagues. I was done hopping from city to city by myself and sporadically work with some colleagues for only a few weeks. I also wanted to be in the fashion industry and able to combine my job with my previous studies.

Since I knew how the law of attraction worked, I decided to start intending and taking action. I knew that I’d get a job. I just didn’t know how or where. I had a few criteria and I knew that I’d get the perfect job to fit the criteria. But of course, the job won’t just appear… Or would it? I sent a few application letters, dropped my resume here and there and even got invited for an interview (where they told me I was overdressed.. lol). I had an intention, and I was putting in the work, but nothing was happening.

While promoting a product for a client at a mall in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, I saw right across us a vacancy appearing: a renowned multinational was looking for a part-time employee. I walked in there confidently, asking about the position. The rest was history… I ended up working for Guess Europe for almost two years (May 2015 until February 2017), had amazing colleagues, they loved me there and learned a great deal.

Some fun facts: while living in Curaçao, the first semi-luxurious brand I bought was Guess… I got in trouble for that too (for we didn’t have money but there I was, buying brands I couldn’t afford). I knew about the different brands owned by Guess when I was around 14/15 years young, as I had a wealthy friend that would buy stuff quite often there. She once explained to me the different brands and segments that Guess had. Little did I know that I’d be working for- and be loved by Guess years later. A brand that was very influential in my teenage years.

I had to learn important lessons about the fashion industry as well as our heavy identification with brands – and the universe put me exactly in a spot I could do that and grow through that. While working in the fashion industry in Curaçao when I was 17/18 years old, I remember talking with my manager about the most expensive street in Amsterdam, where all the big brands can be found. Mind you, I ended up working several shifts in that street. Many more “coincidences” around my experiences working for Guess reminded me that by aligning my actions with my intentions, I can get to manifest my deepest desires and learn important lessons while doing that. Once I experienced what I desired and learned my lessons, I transitioned smoothly to another experience in the working field in 2017 (also consciously manifesting exactly what I had intended with the law of attraction).

This brings me to the second big manifestation in 2015.

That project in Amstelveen was from February/March until April/May 2015. I used to live with my aunt back then but wanted to have my own studio. After a studio viewing that I couldn’t afford in April 2015, I told myself that I’d have my own space before August 1st. I wanted to give myself time to save money so I could afford a living space and be able to buy furniture. And I knew that I would get a studio that I could afford by then.

While working on the project in Amstelveen, I met a colleague, Tess, who told me that she was moving abroad in August. We were both living in The Hague, the Netherlands, and would transit together after work when we had the same shift. Knowing that I’m also moving into my own studio around that time, I asked Tess if she was selling any of her stuff. Of course, she was, and I ended up buying her relatively new bed and desk. The great thing about me buying these stuff (besides the price) was the perfect timing; Tess was moving in August and I had the intention to have my own studio by August! The project dissolved, and we kept in touch.

By July 2015, I started to put more focus to manifest that studio. Prior to that, I would have occasional viewings, but nothing concrete. I started narrowing down exactly what I wanted: in The Hague, preferably near the city center, and somewhat bigger than what I had previously seen. I would wake up early, check different websites, putting lots of energy in manifesting. I was certain that it was about to happen… And then, I was invited for a studio viewing on the 28th of July near the city center. I was a bit hesitant to go because the viewing was in the same street as the one I visited in April, and I wasn’t fully into the size of the studio I saw in April. But something inside me pushed me to go.

There were 4 studios and 4 people looking for a place to live. The first studio didn’t resonate at all. The moment we walked into the second studio, though, it was simply amazing. It was also quite different than the other studios in shape and size. Then we went on to the third and fourth studio, but none of them was “it”.

We were asked to indicate our first and second choice and were told that the housing company was going to assign the studios “randomly” and that they’d call us later that day to inform us which studio we got. Well… I signed my contract that same day for my first choice studio! I found out later that only 3 of the 40+ rooms in the complex were designed like that: a bit more spacious, with a long hall and separate kitchen. On top of that, the complex is 5 minutes walking distance from the city center. I got my perfect studio 3 days before August 1st.

Final Thoughts

I have many more experiences manifesting. All of us do if we think about it. We all have wanted some specific things very much and were able to get them. The law of attraction isn’t limited to only things, though. Also people. And sometimes they come to us effortlessly. Have you ever thought of someone and they call you? Or you think of someone you haven’t seen in a long time and you bump into them a few days later? We all manifest and attract on a daily basis – just the degree of manifestations and the intentions, consciously or unconsciously, differ.

All my conscious manifestations required absolute confidence in my intentions and the universe’s ability to bring my desires to me. They all required me to be specific. They all required me to trust Divine Timing. They all required some kind of action. They all required me to align my actions with my intentions by raising my frequency to meet my desires and taking inspired action whenever it was necessary.

Experiment for yourself, and pay attention to notice how effortlessly you can attract people, things, and experiences to you. I hope that these personal experiences can make you realize that we have the ability to make stuff happen. We can manifest our innermost desires.

With that being said, I want you to also remember that you cannot control everything around you. Some things happen that you can’t control. I personally don’t differentiate between stuff that ‘just’ happens and fate, as Life has shown me that what is meant to happen to and for you, will find its way to you. Moreover, life works in very mysterious, esoteric ways – so trust is very important. Nonetheless, you have the ability to co-create and attract consciously. To do that, you must raise your vibration to meet your intentions.

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