Song For Soul: Take Flight (Levi Silvanie)

May 1st, 2018

A new day begins. A new month. Another chance – a blank page with traces of the past. But will you take flight this time? Will you take charge this month?

This song has helped me many times. It is a kind and friendly reminder that I must take flight, because I was built to fly. I must pursue my wildest dreams. I cannot wait until another day, another month, another chance. Every moment is precious – life is precious. So, what am I going to do in this blank page? How am I going to fill my days? Do I leave my destiny up to fate or do I take actions in my hand? Will I take flight? Or am I too scared of failing?

It is when I hear lyrics like these that I get perspective again. It is when I turn off the noise, and turn on the truth, that I remember who I am. It is thanks to these amazing artists that I find myself again when “life happens” and I get messed- and wrapped up in all the mundane.

Just like a bird doesn’t fly in a day, and it will fall a few times, I fall, too. I have fallen multiple times. Probably you as well. Yet, by now I am sure that I will get up again. As Levi puts it: “If you fall, don’t let it change your mind”. My mind is set. Now it’s time for my actions to align. Let’s take flight, y’all! Let’s take action. Courage will help us to reach higher.


Official Lyric Video

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