Soul Poetry: The Depths of You

As I’m growing into someone I have yet to know, sometimes I worry that that will make me more of an outcast. So these words came to me as a note from Above that I mustn’t fear tapping more into my core. That, in fact, it’s something good. The depths of me are wonderful. What I bring with me, as I get more comfortable with myself and as I grow, are gifts to the world.

If you’ve felt like you don’t belong, know that you’re not alone. But even more importantly, you matter regardless of opinions of others. Regardless of not feeling “in place.”

Know that the depths of you are precious. Don’t fear losing people or chances – you share frequencies with others who are on the same wavelength as you. What I’m trying to say is, you will find people and chances that resonate with every new version of you.

Hereby I share with you the poem and Note to Self, The Depths of You, that I wrote back in November 2020.

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