11.02.2019 – All Is Temporary

Powerful I am, yet at times, powerless I feel. Emotions, tears, thoughts.. Sometimes it all becomes too much. My heart gets heavy and there is not much I can do about it except to let it be, and find comfort in knowing that all is temporary.

There are so many energies around me and so much happening inside of me. Some days I feel beaten and I close myself in a corner, allowing the flow of uncontrollable emotions to hit me. I cry and cry; I allow all of the energies to be, and I find comfort in knowing that they will pass.

I want it to stop, but the tears don’t subside. I remember that to cry is to heal. To be brokenhearted is to feel. Pain too is part of emotions. I allow the emotions to be, and I find comfort in knowing that they will pass.

To experience pain and emotions that one cannot control is part of the human experience. It is okay to feel sad. Just breathe and let it be. All is temporary, and all will pass. As long as I don’t get lost in the storm, I will be alright. I allow whatever I cannot control to be, and I find comfort in knowing that all is temporary. Even the darkest days.

04.02.2019 – Responsibility

Responsible I am, for I am a creator. A world within many, connected to all.
Responsible I am, for I am a magnet. Attracting and creating, vibrating and manifesting.
Responsible I am, for the world doesn’t happen to me. I have my fair share in influencing it.
Responsible I am, for empowerment doesn’t happen by victimization, but by ownership.
Responsible I am, for mastery begins with responsibility.

It is true that I cannot control everything happening around me. It is true that I don’t always have authority. Despite everything, I choose to be responsible. Despite everything, I choose to stand in power. Subjecting myself to events is not an option anymore, for I decide how I perceive the world and what I create. I stand in power by taking ownership.

Responsible I am for my perceptions.
Responsible I am for my creations.
Responsible I am for my thoughts.
Responsible I am for my vibrations.

25.01.2019 – Energy: the Universal Language

Tune in your sensitivity to energy. Trust your intuition. Tune in to your inner knowing. Let go of your radical thinking. Listen to the energy. Sense the vibrations. Energy is the universal language, waiting for your understanding.

Tune in to the frequencies, the unspoken, the vibes. See what can’t be seen. Hear what can’t be heard. Feel how real energetical forces are. Let the magic unfold in front of you, as it unfolds inside of you. Energy is the universal language, waiting for your receptivity.

Let the flow of energy show itself to you. Feel how subtle it is, yet how powerful it can be. Close your eyes, awaken your cells. Let them remind you that you too are part of the whole. Sense, sense, sense. Energy is the universal language, waiting for you to sense its power.

Whatever you pour out, you get back. Whatever you give, you will receive. This is a universal law – and energy is the universal language. Do you hear? Do you feel? Do you see? The unheard, the unfelt, the unseen is waiting to be revealed. When you start tuning in, you will begin to notice how the universe responds to your frequency. It always does, in many ways. Be still to feel. Be quiet to hear. Be present to see.

03.12.2018 – My Biggest Enemy or Greatest Ally

Oh mind, powerful tool of creation. Creator of thoughts, belief systems, experiences.. An amazing student – but without a teacher, doomed to failure. Without a Master, how will it survive?

Thoughts flow in and out, and the mind can make a heaven or hell of itself in My absence. When I’m not present, when I’m on autopilot, when I’m too in my head to Be the conscious chooser of my attention focus, my mind seems out of control. When I am present, the noise subsites and clarity arises. Oh yes, I know you well, dear Mind.

I am getting home. With every conscious breath, I am ready to unite and take control. Let’s be allies – for you alone have brought me misery. Pleasure with lots of pain. Uncontrollable desires and urges. Unimportant fears. You were my enemy without my knowing, just being uncontrollably a mind without its Master. I don’t blame you, for you were never meant to work alone.