Welcome to Notes To Self.

This is a collection of personal notes from my more conscious self to my more mundane self. I started with the very first one when I was in a quite shitty period in my life. I was feeling lost and uninspired. I remember deleting all my post on this website in December 2017 because I could not relate anymore to whatever version of me created the previous content on this blog.

I got to a point where I just wanted to be more authentic, and come from this place of authenticity to you. I did not feel like teaching anyone anything anymore – as I realized that there is nothing to teach. We are each living our own lives. There is no ‘best’ way of living this life. And thus, I felt like sharing my life, my knowledge, wisdom, and experiences without the need to teach anyone anything. And that is how the Notes To Self came to exist: trying to find inspiration for myself, wanting to create content, and without the need to tell people how to live.

These notes are simple messages intended to remind me and advise me of that which I may forget while handling my day-to-day activities. You could say that these are reflective notes for my future self; a small guide in the simple things that if I act on, one step at a time, can help my life become the life I always dreamt of: rich in creativity, awareness, depth, colors, and expression. In the process of constantly inventing myself, renewing my paradigms, and understanding more, I hope to serve as a source of inspiration to you as well.

May these notes I am creating to myself remind you that all the answers are within. There is wisdom within each of us; just tune into yourself to hear what your bigger-, more mature- Self has to say.

The life you are living is YOURS – and no one can live it better than you do. The life I am living is MINE – and no one can live it better than I do. If these notes resonate with you, I am happy that they do. If they do not, I understand. We all have our own ways of understanding life. Enjoy!

With Love, Jun.

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