I intend to use my knowledge, both spiritual as academic, to help and inspire people all around the world

Hi, welcome! I’m happy you’re visiting my blog! This “About Me” page will answer some questions for people that do not know me very well. Who am I? What is it that I want to achieve with this blog? What are my core beliefs? What are my dreams and aspirations? And why do I want to do anything for the world? Read on to find out…

Who Am I?

My name is Juneal Holder. I guess you already figured that one out. Not sure how to spell it? Think of the word ‘meal’, remove, the ‘m’, and put Jun in front of the ‘eal’ and you’ll get Juneal. 🙂

I was born on the small paradise-island Curaçao (near the coast of the Sout-American country Venezuela). I lived in Curaçao until 2013 and after finishing high school, I moved to The Netherlands. I’m still living in the Netherlands, currently studying International Communication and Media. 

Disclaimer: I am not any of the above-mentioned. I am the conscious observer that uses text to conceptualize its existence. For the sake of introduction and getting acquainted, I’m writing about where I was born, where I’m residing and “stuff” I do.

The stuff that I want you to know in bullet points:

  • I had a spiritual awakening in 2015; I realized there is much more to life than what we can perceive with our 5 senses. I experienced love, magic, beauty, joy, peace, satisfaction, and depth in ways I have never experienced before.
  • I started this blog originally in November 2015, during my awakening. I wrote quite a lot in 2016, but something went ‘wrong’ during the first half of 2017;
  • I kinda lost touch with all the magic I had once experienced and became a mess. By losing touch with the very thing that made me feel alive, I started to miss it badly. Not really the blog, but the fire that used to fuel the blog; the curiosity for more, the expansion of my consciousness to next levels and the expression of my soul in many ways.
  • After months of creative block, a high sense of self-consciousness, fear of how I’d be seen by other people, some more shitty experiences, and a level of sadness and loneliness I have not experienced before, I forced myself to get out of the shitty phase.
  • It started by forgiving myself for my past experiences and all the suffering I brought to myself. I deleted all the previous content (2 years of content) from the blog and started over.
  • This led me to renew the entire blog, as I didn’t want to give up on writing and creating content. After rebuilding the site, I launched it in March 2018.

What do I want to achieve with this blog?

For me: document my growth, experiences, and interests, including my art. To freely, joyfully, in many different ways share my growth process with those who are interested. To have a central platform to express as I evolve, and to be able to look back and see how much I have learned.

For you: content that makes you think for yourself, some food for thought, a source of inspiration (either in the books I read, the music I listen to, the notes to myself or my personal experiences), a reminder that we can be as amazing as we want, with unlimited potential, able to express ourselves in many ways, and the heroes of our stories.

What are my core beliefs?

I believe in Oneness. There is no separation between you, me, and the Source of All Life. We are different, but not separate. We are in this amazing web of connectivity, vibrating at different frequencies. I know this from many different experiences.

I believe that Love is the force keeping things together – and we are part of It. The force that created everything is keeping everything together. I call that force Love. It Just Is – and Creates. I see humans as an individuation of That Force. I think of the human experience as a journey of remembrance, evolution, and creation; the remembrance of our nature, the evolution of consciousness and the creation of reality. I believe that we are all artists; we’re all creators.

What are my dreams and aspirations?

To be a source of light, helping to illuminate and expand the human consciousness. To live a life that screams authenticity. To expand in understanding and help in the awakening of humanity to its nature.

I’d love to write some books that will reach the hearts of many and assist humanity, and I’ll do my part for that to happen. I’d love to inspire others by living my most authentic version and sharing lessons I am learning and remembering along the way. However, I am also aware that Life can use me in many ways, thus I stand open for wherever God leads me. I know that Life can get unpredictable – therefore I don’t attach myself to a specific title. I am what I am.

Why do I want to do anything for the world?

Because I am one with the world. What I do for the world, I do for myself. What I give to the world, I am giving to myself. I am part of the world. I am part of humanity. Why not give the world a reminder of the amazingness that can exist within all of us?

I hope that you enjoy the content of this blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

– Jun

(Last update: 13 January 2019)