About Me

I intend to use my knowledge and wisdom, both spiritual as academic, to help, educate and inspire as many people as I can.

Hi, welcome! I’m happy you’re visiting my blog! This “About Me” page is meant for us to get acquainted. I will briefly tell about me, what it is that that I want to achieve with this blog, what my core beliefs are (in a nutshell), and about my dreams and aspirations.

Who Am I?

My name is Juneal Holder. I guess you already figured that one out. Not sure how to spell it? Think of the word ‘meal’, remove, the ‘m’, and put Jun in front of the ‘eal’ and you’ll get Juneal. 🙂

I was born on Curaçao (a small island near the coast of the South-American country Venezuela). I lived in Curaçao until 2013 and moved to the Netherlands to pursue a higher education. I’m still living in the Netherlands, currently studying Sociology. 

Disclaimer: I am not any of the above-mentioned. For the sake of introduction, I am writing about where I was born, where I reside, and some of the “stuff ” I do. Who I am is beyond definitions but I use words, symbols and labels to conceptualize my existence.

What I want you to know in bullet points:

  • I had a Spiritual Awakening in 2015. I realized there is much more to life than what we can perceive with our senses. I experienced love, magic, beauty, joy, peace, satisfaction, and depth in ways I have never experienced before. In November 2015, this blog came to life. A newfound magic – and magical experiences – led me to start writing.
  • Over a year into publicly sharing my thoughts and making quotes (even videos!), I felt out of touch with the magic that initiated all of it. Wasn’t feeling inspired or aligned anymore. Some lessons had to be learned.
  • After months of a creative block, a high sense of self-consciousness, fear of how I’d be seen by other people, some more shitty experiences, and a level of sadness and loneliness I have not experienced before, I had to get out of that shitty phase.
  • It started by forgiving myself for my past experiences and all the suffering I brought to myself. I deleted all that I had previously written – 2 years of content – as I couldn’t relate to any of my old content anymore and started over.
  • This led me to renew the entire blog’s concept and content. After rebuilding the site, I launched it in March 2018.
  • The blog has been constantly evolving as I am evolving too.

What do I intend to achieve with this blog?

For me: I intend to document my growth, my experiences and my interests, including my art. To freely, joyfully, in many different ways share my growth process with those who are interested. To have a central platform to express as I evolve, and to be able to look back and see how much I have learned.

For you: I intend to create content that makes you think critically about Life. I intend to be a source of inspiration. I intend to assist you with your growth and evolution, and remind you that we can do more than we think, be more than we imagine, and experience more than what meet the eyes.

What are my core beliefs?

I believe in Oneness. I also believe in duality. We are different, but not separate. We are in this amazing web of connectivity, vibrating at different frequencies. I know this from many different experiences.

I believe that Love is the Force keeping things together – and that we are part of It. The Force that created everything is keeping everything together. I call that force Love. It Is, and It Creates. I see humans as an individuation of That Force. And I think of the human experience as a journey of remembrance, evolution, and creation. The remembrance of our nature, the evolution of consciousness and the creation of our reality. I believe that we are all artists; we’re all creators.

What are my dreams and aspirations?

To be a source of light, helping to illuminate and expand the human consciousness. To live an authentic existence. To live aligned with Love, and assist others with my knowledge and wisdom.

I would love to write some books, also teach and educate – and I’ll do my part for that to happen. I would love to inspire others by living my most authentic version and sharing lessons I am learning and remembering along the way. I am also aware that Life can use me in many ways, thus I stand open for wherever God leads me and where Love takes me. I know that Life can get unpredictable – therefore I don’t attach myself to a specific title.

Why do I want to do anything for the world?

Because I am one with the world. What I do for the world, I do for myself. What I give to the world, I give to myself. I am part of the world. I am part of humanity.

I hope that you enjoy the content of this blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

With love,

(Last update: September 2021)