New Bests Are Always Yet To Come


One of the beautiful things about growth and expansion is the newness they bring with them. When you thought you had the “best” of something, here comes Life, showing you an elevated version of that. New bests are always yet to come. They are perpetually coming as we’re expanding and growing.

As an example, I remember when I moved to the Netherlands in 2013. I enrolled to study international business at a university of applied sciences in The Hague. And I recall how in awe I was and how privileged I felt to be studying at that institution. Attending that school was one of the best things I experienced at one point. But that didn’t last long; I dropped out twice from that school by the beginning of 2017. It was a rollercoaster – the whole back and forth, the uncertain moments, and me feeling multiple times lost.

But by Spring 2017 Fate showed me something else. And much bigger than I had even dreamt of experiencing. I found a new best thing education-wise. And my academic performance skyrocketed in this newness in ways it had never before, as it was a reflection of my evolution, which was also skyrocketing.

And so was the case multiple times. From my first job to my last employment, it’s been a perpetual newness – an elevated newness that is. Like cycles and phases that spiral up into something bigger and better. Perpetually. It is because of so many moments and experiences I say that my bests are perpetually yet to come.

I often remind myself that elevation is as continuous as evolution

While I carry the awareness that new bests are yet to come, I’m also mindful of not staying in a constant state of anticipation. The journey in itself is a gift, bringing new gifts and evolving itself into chunks of gifts over time. It is within the journey that we find comparative material – new bests. And it is within the journey that we can measure these levels. Not at the destination.

Imagine thinking that you “arrived” at your “best” state. That means there’s nothing more to experience. That would imply that there is no more room for expansion and the newness that it brings with it. So it is my hope to sit with the awareness that new bests are always on the horizon as I stay in the perpetual state of evolution. Evolution comes with changes. And these changes are expansive.

I let this awareness also fortify my faith when I feel tired and can’t see what’s ahead of me yet – like now, as I’m writing this. When I know I’ve grown and progressed but wish that my immediate reality would show this in my experiences as well. I tell myself that new bests are yet to come.

This post is a reminder for us that there is much that we have yet to live. Our new bests are yet to come.

New best years
New best works
New best creations
New best experiences
New best connections
New best destinations
New best relationships
New best opportunities
New best manifestations
New best versions of ourselves
New best… [You name it]

Meanwhile, I enjoy the current best I’m in. Because, in all fairness, I’m living my best life. Perhaps not in the way I had imagined it would look by now, but I’m living a dream as I’m writing this. And I hold space for my current reality as I’m walking into an elevated version of newness. Many of the things that I’ve experienced were once one of the best things I’ve experienced. Until new bests showed me what expansion looks like as they would reflect my growth and inner expansion.

Let’s stay in an appreciative spirit in the present moment while also being aware that there’s much more to live. New bests are yet to come.

With love,
Jun 💛💫

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