Abundance is Not Outside of Ourselves


I received a message last month telling me that I have everything I need to prosper. This message came to me right after I stretched my hand asking for help from my ancestors and God to find my way out of a moment of financial uncertainty. I heard my grandma’s voice telling me, “You have everything you need to prosper” in my native language.

And the next day, on November 19, which would’ve been her 84th birthday were she alive, I had another experience where a small candle went up in flames to the point it broke the candleholder. And the fire wouldn’t go off until I poured some cola in the candle to kill it. That was beautiful and intense. A few seconds later I heard her voice again, telling me that she will always be there for me. It took me a while to sit with all of this and let it sink in. I want to now share with you my takeaways from this message.

“You have everything you need to prosper”, the voice said. This brings me to the notion of prosperity and abundance. Prosperity is the “condition of being successful and thriving” according to the dictionary. To be “successful” and “thriving” are very individual personal matters. I was told that I have everything I need to prosper. That is, I have everything I need to be “successful” and “thrive” – whatever that means to me in my reality. One of my favorite definitions of “Abundance” is “Overflowing fullness”, because that is not something that can be quantified. These terms complement each other. Abundance and prosperity are not outside of us because we have everything we need within us to be abundant and prosperous.

To be abundant and prosperous

To live abundantly, to me, is to live in a state of “more than enough.” The opposite of shortage. The opposite of what economists call a “zero-sum game” in game theory, where one person’s gain is equivalent to another’s loss. In an abundant consciousness, there is more than enough.

Abundance mentality is more than a metaphysical belief; it’s a value system where enoughness is the base. Enough to share. Enough for everyone. Enough to the point of overflow. Enough that you will never lack. Enough resources that you’ll be able to find your way out of the most seemingly challenging situations. Because there will always be enough – if you really believe this.

It’s sometimes challenging to live in an abundant state – both individually and collectively – because we live in a world where the collective consciousness is distorted by the fallacious belief of shortage and of gains and losses, or rather one’s gain at the cost of another’s loss as opposed to a sense of sufficiency for everyone. This is why we see so much supposed deficiency, poverty, and lack. This is why so many are afraid of losing what they have as others are struggling to make ends meet. It’s not that some have all they need to be abundant and others don’t. It’s a collective consciousness issue that stems from systems rooted in power and oppression.

The system is fucked but we can unfuck it. How do we get rid of this archaic system that is the root of so much perceived shortage and “less than enough”? How can we live more abundantly? And what would that entail?

Embodiment of abundance requires a consciousness of abundance

We must learn to embody a new consciousness of sufficiency over lack. One by one. Starting with the awareness that first of all, we are enough and, secondly, there is enough.

It’s an individual transformation that will create a ripple effect in the collective consciousness where overflowing fullness eventually becomes the norm and where sharing without fear of loss becomes a new value. There are enough resources – literally for all of us to live abundantly. These resources are not dependent on economic theories or variables.

To live more abundantly would entail an understanding that ultimately, all is energy. And that we carry the force to create matter and resources – whether that be in the form of monetary currency, physical commodities, or any other form of resource we may need individually and collectively. We have the technology to live abundantly and prosperously, and what fuels that technology is our energy. Our consciousness. We created that technology with our energy in the first place, albeit from a primitive consciousness.

Energy is the source of abundant living and prosperity.

Abundance, at its core, is not quantifiable; it’s a form of consciousness. Similarly, prosperity is a personal matter, because my way of “thriving” and being “successful” will be different from yours. Prosperity and abundance can reflect themselves as amounts of cash and opportunities, but they are beyond things that can be counted.

This is why there are people who don’t have what some would call “much money” but are nonetheless very happy and can tell you that they have everything they need. Conversely, this is also why some may have all the money in the world and still not feel like there is enough. If you don’t have an abundance consciousness, no amount of money will make you feel like you have enough. If you don’t see yourself as a prosperous individual, no amount of money will make you feel abundant.

We have everything we need to prosper because we are the blueprint of prosperity. Our inner world dictates our individual reality. Our collective values, which stem from our collective consciousness, define the collective realities we are part of. As we navigate the world, we make our own world too. A world within a world. Our personal reality can be prosperous, even as the collective realities may be suffering from a distorted consciousness of lack. Our inner world will reflect itself as our outer reality. So indeed, we have everything we need to prosper if we know ourselves. If we know our power. If we know what we bring to the table. And if we accept the gifts life has in store for us when we own our greatness. Abundance is not outside of us. Prosperity begins within. And creating a new world starts with a new consciousness. One of abundance and prosperity. It starts by embodying, one by one, a mindset of enoughness – first for ourselves. Seeing ourselves as enough, feeling the fullness life has to offer, and understanding that we have the power and tools to create reality. Firstly for ourselves. And this will ripple through.

Remember that all creations start with a thought. And thought is energy. And energy creates matter.

As for the financial uncertainty I was going through… I did indeed find my way out of it. Or rather, life showed me a way. As it always does when we trust that we have everything we need to prosper. I am confident that taken care of. And I believe that there’s enough for me to live abundantly and prosperous, even as I sometimes do not see immediately how certain situations will resolve themselves. But they do. This was another testimony that we have everything we need to prosper.

Dears, thank you so much for taking the time to read and engage with this reflection on abundance and prosperity, inspired by a very spiritual experience with an ancestor. That voice reminded me that my power is and has always been within. And it is from tapping into that power that Fate will Favor me.

With love,
Jun 🤎💫

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