Fate Favors the Brave


I’ve had so many experiences, and I’m sure you as well if you think about it, where Life has rewarded me and assisted me for making decisions that are in line with my truth. I can’t even begin to count the times when I was consciously making Brave moves and my Fate brought me to places that changed the course of my life for the unpredictable. But in a favorable way.

There were so many intersections where I had to decide to be Brave or choose comfort, and time and time again, I was assisted beyond my wildest thoughts, in the most seemingly miraculous ways – “out of the blue” when I chose for my truth over fear.

I’ve had enough of these experiences and moments that by now I can say that Fate Favors the Brave. It’s a bold statement that I want to explore with you. In this post, I want to break down my understanding of Fate, Favor, and Brave, and why I consider people who dare to be Brave to be Favored by Fate.

I love to play with words. I love understanding words and their implications. And I love to express myself with the amplest understanding I can have of the words I use. As an academic, I enjoy exploring concepts, and as a writer, I like to conceptualize what I write about for the sake of clarity. My intention is to come over the least ambiguous as I can, especially while writing from my intuition and experiences as opposed to theory and other sources.

There are many words that have multiple definitions, making specificity particularly important with words that have different meanings.

When I use abstract concepts such as Fate and Favor, sometimes it gets a bit difficult to put into words what I mean because words – as beautiful as they are – they serve to represent what is.

Words re-present that which is present through a filter of perception that is communicated with symbols. In other words, words try to clothe thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Considering the nature of this post, I feel that it’s important to note what I mean with the words “Fate”, “Favor” and “Brave”, to avoid any type of ambiguity or confusion.

Conceptualizing Fate, Favor, and Brave

Let’s talk about Fate

Dictionary definitions of the word “fate” include 1) the will or principle or determining cause by which things are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen; destiny, 2) an inevitable outcome, and 3) a final outcome.

I see Fate as one of those bridge words to re-present Life and God. Fate, Life, and God, to me, are connected. I’ll dig into Life and God too at some point, but that’s for another time.

Sticking to this post, what I mean with Fate is more around one’s “destiny”, as definition number one notes. But I don’t see it as a “will” or a “determining cause” outside of one’s self. The Fate I’m talking about is not a will or principle that the self is subjected to.

I believe that we have many possible destinies and we are actively taking part in which of the infinite ones we get to experience. We are always living a destiny, and we are always one decision away from a completely different life. If this “completely different life” was “meant” to happen by a “will” outside of ourselves is debatable. I’ll get into this later.

The Fate with capital F I’m talking about is the “greatest” process or outcome out of all the possible processes and outcomes; the “best” destiny one could dream of. In my book, that is a life filled with love, abundance, joy, intentionality, purpose, curiosity, and growth… To name a few.

An understanding of fate or destiny that implies “best” can be a topic of debate because it is our mind that labels things as “good”, “better”, and “the best” as opposed to “bad”, “worse”, and “the worst”. Our reality in itself is quite neutral. It is what it is. My understanding of a “best” destiny is different than yours and that’s exactly how it should be because we all have different Fates.

Sticking to the “best” out of the available destinies to make a point, what I mean with this is the destiny that is the most aligned and connected to what our Soul came to experience. Fate is the destiny in store that is the most aligned with one’s Soul’s Path. It is not independent of us or our will.

Fate is the destiny in store that is the most aligned with one’s Soul’s Path. It is not independent of us or our will.

Fate as I’ve just discussed is something we are actively working with. There are so many different directions our lives can take. We are always one decision away from a completely different life if we choose this.

Indeed, we have a lot of agency in where we’ll end up. Is there something as choosing our path before coming to Earth or a will bigger than ours that dictates where we’ll inevitably end up? That has been a debate for a very, very long time.

Since I’m writing on my blog, I’ll share my perspective and beliefs on the matter. Regarding the issue of a divine will and a pre-determined destiny, I believe that a lot is predetermined and a lot is will-based. All of it is divine. I believe that some of the people we meet, even events we experience, and circumstances we end up in are part of our Soul’s Path – chosen before we came to Earth. When we follow the Callings of our Soul, we find ourselves in scenarios that were “meant to happen”. There is no room for accidents or coincidences in my universe. While things are destined to happen, they are created in harmony with the Soul and what it came here on Earth to do, meaning that, even on a metaphysical level, I believe that we have agency.

So Fate is the “greatest”, “best”, and “highest” destiny one can experience based on the alignment one has with the Will of their Soul. We can consciously or sometimes even nonconsciously be working with our Fate with capital F. I’ll discuss this more in-depth later in how Fate Favors the Brave.

Let’s talk about Favor

Favor, according to the dictionary, is an umbrella term for 1) friendly regard; approving consideration, 2) partiality, 3) gracious kindness; aid, assistance, 4) a token of love 5) a special privilege 6) interest… It’s extensive.

In this context, Favor leans a bit towards the third definition: gracious kindness. But this kindness and assistance is not outside of us. It’s an energetic alignment with our deepest desires and intentions. An alignment that connects us to the right people, places, and events that will be indeed aiding us in our journey.

The Favor with capital F I’m referring to is an aid and kindness through an energy stream also known as “alignment”. Energy alignment is like a vortex – an energy stream – that creates chains of events that are far from coincidental. They don’t stop once you tap into them and become conscious of them, as they work on behalf of (your) Fate.

It should be noted here that this Favor, this aid through alignment, is not outside of ourselves. While it may seem like things around us are moving and changing, this is merely a reflection of our inner energies. It is our energy, our energetic alignment, that attracts the “right” people at the right moments, and leads us to the “perfect” place. And the “perfect” opportunities. It is this energy that tells us the next steps to take. All in service of our Fate.

Let’s talk about Bravery

The dictionary defines Brave as 1) having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty; having or showing courage 2) making a fine show, and 3) excellent; splendid. Brave in this blog post means showing courage, the first definition.

The Brave with capital B is not only a person who has the strength to overcome adversity, but also the valor to jump when they can’t see what’s ahead of them. The person who trusts the energy stream pulling them as they live from their heart and trust their intuition.

Bravery is not a virtue. It’s a choice. We get to be brave whenever a choice between bravery or else must be made. Being Brave is crucial to living in harmony with one’s Fate. It’s not easy, but it is rewarding. Sometimes immediately, sometimes eventually. But one thing I can tell you: it’s inevitably rewarding.

Bravery entails making decisions that require us to overcome fears and limitations. Whether those limitations are physical or mental, we must do something outside of our comfort to be Brave. We must be able to stretch our boundaries into the unfamiliar and listen to the callings of our Soul, as quiet as these whispers may be. We must learn to lean into our expansion, as uncertain as our reality may seem as a result hereof.

Daring to be Brave will look different on us depending on the conditions and circumstances. But essentially, we all know the difference between bravery despite fear and comfortable cowardice when making a decision. It is at the crosspoints where decisions are made that are beyond our familiarity and that require overcoming limitations and fears that we are working in line with our Fate.

How does Fate Favor the Brave?

When we think of fate and destiny, there is usually a notion of something that hasn’t happened yet. Or something that once it already happened, and we look back, we think, “it was meant to be.”

But what if we take this very moment, where we are in life. Isn’t this also a form of destiny?

Aren’t you living the results of your decisions?

And hadn’t you made some decisions, would you be in the position you are in today? These are questions essential to the topic of destiny. And they have been debated back and forth.

It is my belief that we are always living a destiny. We may not be living our most aligned Fate, but we are always living a destiny.

Ultimately, we decide for ourselves whether we are living our “Best Life” and “Highest Destiny”. There are as many ways to see the world as there are to explain it. Ultimately, this is my truth: There are no “good” or “bad” ways of living our lives. The moment we think there is a “good” or “bad” way of living, we are entering the area of binary and moral relativism. These notions are socially created and are simplistic and reductionist in nature, for life is more complex than what some may consider as “good” or “bad”. There is certainly that which we accept and embrace or despise and reject, individually, and collectively.

On a Soul level, there is resonance or lack of resonance.

If you resonate with your life and your existence as your expression of your highest truth, regardless of how society perceives you, who’s to say that you are not living out your Fate? Leave your morality out of the equation when trying to discuss destinies and Souls.

It should be noted that Fates are independent of what the world understands as “success”, in the same ways that they are different than what we may consider as morally correct.

Whatever your Fate is – your “greatest” process or outcome out of all the possible processes and outcomes -, as long as you are in honest pursuit of expansion and growth, and daring to be Brave, it is my belief that you’re in line with it.

Why do I say this? Because dears, all Soul Paths are about growth. All Fates with capital F ask us to grow in one way or another.

Whether that is leaving toxic relationships, outgrowing lifestyles and perceptions, changing jobs, or quitting studies that don’t serve us…

Whether that is stepping more into our authenticity after some Soul Searching and/or letting go of old beliefs, habits, and value systems after some Soul Healing…

Whether that is actively listening to our intuition and following our curiosity over sticking to complacency, monotony, and routine… Blessings, growth, and expansion await after Brave decisions.

We are always making decisions, and we can change the course of our destiny with new choices.

We are always making decisions that are influencing our emotional state and our lives in some way. Some decisions will change the entire course of our lives as they are more consequential than others. But at the end of the day, our choices have a lot to do with what we experience and the quality of life we live.

We can make decisions that are more aligned with our Soul’s Path, our Fate. These decisions may require more acts of Bravery as opposed to playing it comfortably and safely. I noticed that the more I go inwards, the more I get to explore the Callings of my Soul. When I listen and take action, I steer myself with my free will into my Fate.

The blessings, growth, and expansion we experience when being Brave are the work of our Fate. Our Fate is directly related to the decisions we make, as decisions lead to destiny.

As noted earlier, Favor = Gracious kindness. Assistance. Help. And that’s exactly what our Fate offers by means of people, places, and circumstances.

Favor comes in so many ways, through so many people, in so many forms, because it’s energy. It is assistance that will help direct us more and more into our Soul’s Path. But… We get to choose.

I know that my journey is rewarding. May my life testify that Fate Favors the Brave.

Thank you so much for your time, dears.

With love,
Jun 💜

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