Top-notch Soulful Compliments to Give and Receive

Dears, this post was inspired by some of the most soulful, heart-warming compliments I’ve received.🧡🦋

I always say that one should never take things too personally – not even compliments. Because the same weight we give compliments we will get from criticism.

There’s nothing wrong with compliments though. Soulful compliments like these stick around because they stretch beyond appearances and enter into the intangible territory of mind and energy. The fact that people can commend you on that which can only be felt means that your being has tapped into a universal language that can only be identified and experienced through resonance.

Conversely, when you give a soulful compliment, you resonate with people on an energetic and mental level. You are able to see and appreciate that which can only be felt.

A compliment is like a mirror. You cannot see something that you yourself don’t have. Meaning that you can only give a compliment to the extent that you yourself have the qualities you admire in a person that mirrors such qualities. And this is why I love soulful compliments.🧡✨🦋

Here are some top-notch compliments to give and receive:

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