Paying Extra Attention to What Comes Out of My Mouth


Watch your mouth! Or should I say, observe your thoughts? Ultimately, what we say is a reflection of how we think. We are powerful beings, capable of shifting perception on things and people. With enough practice, we can transmute negative energy to loving energy. The world needs more of the latter.

This reminder came recently to me because I’ve caught myself a few times thinking negatively about someone these days. I engage with these thoughts; I question them, wondering where they come from. I question why I think the way I think about this person and what can I do to change this perception. What I don’t do is verbalize these negative thoughts to another person. Aware that my thoughts and words carry power, I engage with the thoughts that feel ugly and that I don’t like in a way that gives them space to be what they are, so I can change them to what I want them to be.

Honestly, I vent. I express my genuine feelings and thoughts about subjects and people. It’s necessary to get things out of your head and chest sometimes.

But I’ve learned to also discern venting from gossiping. While venting expresses how I feel – usually negatively about situations, things, and people – gossiping is taking the venting to a new level in which the negative energy takes more space and becomes infused in the conversation. Ego loves that shit.

While venting has a wider scope of subjects (including people), gossiping is specifically about people; it’s no longer about expressing one’s thoughts for the sake of releasing them. It’s talking about someone negatively.

Specific to the individual in this example, I sent them love today. When the negative thoughts came in, I noticed them, took a deep breath, and said, “I’m sending love to you, [the person’s name].” I refused to keep entertaining the thoughts that don’t serve me.

Why did I do this? Because, to me, what I think and say about someone gives more of an indication of me than the person I’m thinking or expressing myself about. I stand for love – among things – so I make sure to embody what love means to me in thoughts, words and deeds as much as I can, in as many forms as I can.

All thoughts are welcome, but not all thoughts will come out of my mouth.

Why is it important for all thoughts to be welcome?

The short answer: what you resist, persists. So create a safe space in your mind to observe all thoughts. Engage with them, remembering that you are not the thoughts, but the observer and the one interacting with them. When you give your thoughts space to be, you can transmute them by selecting what to consciously think about.

We don’t do everything we think, do we? If we did, then we’d have a lot of what we call “unwise decisions”. It’s the thoughts that we entertain the most (consciously or unconsciously) that manifest in physical action. Verbalizing thoughts is a physical action, hence the importance of being as aware as possible of what we’re thinking the most about.

While I create space for all thoughts, I am most of the times selective which thoughts I let out of my mouth and which thoughts I further act on. Sometimes I am impulsive too. Especially when I’m not in balance. Then I react on my thoughts as opposed to responding based on my awareness. The latter holds so much transformative, alchemistic power, that if it were up to me, I’d function only from this place. Alas, we are humans – complex creatures with sets of conditions and dispositions that we are still working through.

So I’m graceful in the process of refining what I entertain in my head. This process is not always smooth and sometimes requires a lot of energy and intentionality. Naturally, it’s always easier to be impulsive than to be aware. Rewiring our brains requires effort and energy, but that’s the only way to change from reaction to response. Or at least, less reactions and more responses.

Words carry power. I choose to speak life as often as I can.❤️🧚🏾‍♂️

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