Soul Poetry: The Game Changer

Something has shifted. A new day is here, bringing a light bright enough to pierce through the layers of fears I have been living in. An awareness of greatness that has moved beyond the realm of Spirit into the psyche. I rejoice, for the game changer is here.

I have sat in silence for months, lamenting all that my life was and wasn’t. I have anticipated, longed for who I could be, but couldn’t reach there just yet. I have waited for something to click, for the shift to come. Patiently in my desperation for change I sat, waiting for God to wash me with Its Spirit. I sat there, longing for inspiration to come and stay, and for the tears to subside. But I couldn’t find the words to continue; my heart was heavy. I felt the strength, but I couldn’t grab it. So I cried, and I waited for the time to arrive until I was strong enough to be strong again.

It was during one of those lonesome days that something happened: After extensive and intensive heightened emotional turbulence, I was graced with the presence of Belief. The game changer had arrived.

I started to believe in something greater than my pain and my fears. I found peace in my pain. I faced my fears, and suddenly, they weren’t as scary as they seemed. My sorrows became smiles, and the light of a new day found my heart. Though still delicate and slightly anxious, my heart is now a believer. Believing in something greater than my circumstances. Believing in something bigger than my pain. My heart now believes in something bigger than fears, even as it is still afraid.

It started to believe again in the unknown. In the unseen. In the unplanned. It started to believe in the magic of God. The One Source orchestrating everything, setting up the stage for what is yet to come. I heard the whispers of The Embodiment of The One, deep inside me, waiting patiently for me to show up.

And finally, I woke up one day and decided to truly believe that I am worthy. That changed everything. I woke up one day and believed that I matter. That shifted my frequency. I woke up one day believing in a power that transcends my limitations. That gave me life again.

I believe that my God is bigger than anything my mind can phantom. I believe that my potential is beyond my imagination, beyond my thoughts. I believe in a purpose beyond my fragility, beyond my sense of insufficiency. I believe my worth to be unquantifiable, immeasurable. Everything changed the moment I started to believe – truly believe – what I know to be true.

Now I see myself as worthy, even as I am still afraid. Despite the fear that will be there, the occasional and seasonal visits of sadness and pain, and the anxiety that uncertainty creates for my mind, I am anchored in something greater than the shifting winds or the emotional upheavals that await me. I know of the temporary notion of seasons and I respect life’s cycles, thus I don’t confuse this for eternal bliss, nor never-ending inspiration. I just dwell in belief beyond my experiences, beyond my thoughts.

Belief was my game changer. I know now that Belief changes everything. Believing in something greater than my circumstances and emotions has lifted me from the depths of grievance and sorrow into the light of Love. It is my wish that it does the same to you.

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