The Strongest Form of Resistance

Hello dears, it’s been some time. The past few months were intense, to say the least, right? I’ve been getting back to myself for a month now after yet another visit to my shadows. Was really looking forward to writing and expressing more but I can’t fill someone’s cup if mine is not taken care of. So, I’ve been taking care of cup and pouring light into my own darkness. And dears, as I’m reemerging, I’m overflowing – thank God. I haven’t felt this full of life in some time.

There is much I want to say. I also had a plan of how I’d get back to my writings and expressions – and then life threw another curveball and I felt compelled to speak out and write about Spiritual Warfare, Accountability and Violence. All within a week. You can find more about those on my Instagram. I’ll probably elaborate on all of them in writing too (simply because Instagram posts can be limiting and videos don’t always do justice to all that I want to say). But in the light of the above mentioned topics, here I share with you another one: Resistance. (Honestly, I never thought I’d be writing about these topics.. But it is the way it is.)

So, resistance. Resistance, according to Cambridge Dictionary, is “the act of fighting against something that is attacking you, or refusing to accept something.”

With massive uproar, worldwide protests, social unrest, people of the world speaking up against systems that are not serving the people, the denunciation of police brutality and systemic racism and what have we not, resistance is a word that you might have heard during these past few weeks.

And now I want to give my take on resistance; what I believe to be the strongest form of resistance. Are you ready? Okay!

First, let’s go back to basics. Basics, to me, is this: ALL IS ENERGY. Thought is energy. Emotions are energy. Feelings are energy. Energy is all around and all around is energy.

Okay, that’s set. Now, let me tell you why this basis is so important.

As human beings, we tend to function oftentimes on autopilot and emotional reactions. Even the most “rational” people make very irrational decisions sometimes. We are oftentimes reactive to stimuli but not responsive. Reactiveness is based on emotions. It is not thought-through. Responses, on the other hand, entail awareness of options – and choosing out of a set of alternatives. As noble as some intentions might be, their reactive nature will have negative consequences in the long run. This is because they are not thought-through. They are not sustainable in their execution. Why am I bringing this up? Because since all is energy, oftentimes when we react, we are not being conscious of our energy. Conversely, when we respond, we choose the energy field we wish to tap in because we notice that we have options.

Since all is energy, oftentimes when we react, we are not being conscious of our energy. Conversely, when we respond, we choose the energy field we wish to tap in because we notice that we have options.

Now back to the definition of resistance: the act of fighting against something that is attacking you, or refusing to accept something. The strongest form of resistance, the best way to fight against something, is by being in control of your energy and taking full responsibility for it. It is sitting with yourself, feeling your emotions, observing your reactive patterns, assessing your options and then choosing your response. Going back to the notion that all is energy, that would imply that in seizing to react, one is seizing to let an OUTSIDE force affect one’s INTERNAL energy and one’s decisions. That is one of the most powerful things that a person can do.

This is soooo much easier said than done, though. I’ll be the first one to tell you that. The more accustomed we are to emotional reactions and patterns, the more work it’s going to take to stay in command of our energy. Especially when our collective pain body gets activated, as it recently did. Especially when we are emotional. Especially when we’re hurting. This is also exactly why to me, owning our energy and choosing our responses is the strongest form of resistance. In doing so, we’re taking complete ownership of how we’d like to proceed – despite a whole bunch of factors. Owning our energy means we refuse to accept that we should react a certain way; either in thought, word or deed. Indeed, resistance.

Now, let me briefly touch upon something to avoid any kind of confusion: I’m not telling you to dismiss negative emotions. I’m reminding you that at the end of the day, you can be in control to what extent these emotions influence your life. I have experienced way too much pain to know that all our feelings are valid; all our pain is worth taking note of. And necessary to process. By no means am I asking you to “think happy thoughts” all day every day, but rather, I’m reminding you that you can be in more control than what is expected from you.

Those of you who’ve been following my writings know that I put a lot of attention on energy work. This is because energy work is FUNDAMENTAL. To me, it is the way to emancipation from any mental confines. It is not linear. It is messy. And confusing. It takes work, a lot of work. Actually, learning to own my energy is the biggest challenge I’ve dealt with. It is the biggest challenge I’m dealing with. It takes a lot of responsibility; full accountability for what I’m pouring into me and the world. But at the end of the day, energy work is the investment that will yield you the highest return on investment. It is the mother of resistance. The way to enlightenment.

If you take care of your spirit, if you do the work, Spirit will take care of you. Spirit will guide you. Your responses will be Divinely Guided. As you feel and process, as you nurse your wounds and heal, you can learn to be less reactive and more responsive. You can feel pain, anger and irritation while still choosing your response. This, to me, is the path to Energy Mastery. God knows we need more Energy Masters nowadays.

Think for yourself some ways that you can take control back of your energy. What works for you? How can you center? How can you reclaim your power? You think about that and resist! Resist with your spirit. Resist with energy work. Create change from an intentional place. Start with ownership in your personal energy and I promise you that it will ripple into the cosmos. It will affect your surroundings.

Thank you for your time, dears. Let’s keep in touch!

Much love,
Jun ❤

P.S.: I will soon write about some practical tips on Energy Alchemy.

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