Energy Alchemy

Hello, dears. I’ve been practicing what I now call “Energy Alchemy” for some time and each time it gets better and easier. And I want to share this with you.

Energy Alchemy to me is being able to transmute, change and adapt your energy to what you wish it to be. Our energy is constantly changing, ranging from high to low frequencies. From experience, I am very cynical of the notion of always being positive because I know that there is a range of emotions that can’t just be put aside. And I’m done romanticizing our human existence to merely happy stuff. Not always do we have a say in how our energy manifests itself. Indeed, we are very complex creatures. But we can change the energy, though. To do that, we must first allow it to be.

An example: before writing this post, I had a good crying session. I allowed myself to feel a healthy dose of sadness. Many tears came out. Eyes got red and everything. Even stuff came out of my nose. That was one of those moments where waves of emotions just hit me after I had hung up from the phone. A beloved person is moving abroad and this information made me really sad. Mind you, I barely see this person, yet our conversation left me feeling immensely sad.

I could sense the sadness rising during and after our conversation. Walking around in one of the buildings at the university where I’m studying, looking for a spot to sit and work on some stuff, I just felt like I needed to stop moving. I sat somewhere near the stairs and just cried for a while. I cried until the emotions subsided. It lasted as long as it needed to. And then, I got up, washed my face, and got back to my day.

Within minutes I was renewed. Within minutes, my energy got transmuted back to my desired state of peace and tranquility.

I had over an hour before the next class and felt inspired to write about how we can seize to attach to our feelings and thoughts; how we can perform alchemy by simply allowing the energy to be, by acknowledging it and giving it space, and then be intentional about how to proceed. I was feeling great writing this piece and my crying session was a mere memory as I was in another energetic field while writing this piece. This is the beauty in allowing energy to flow and giving emotions a space to be released.

Allow yourself to feel

That anger you don’t want to feel? Feel it. That person you don’t want to mourn? Mourn them. That pain that you don’t want to sit with? Allow it.  Don’t let it stay inside, don’t toxify yourself with stagnant energy. Don’t keep stuff bottled in, for they will always find a way out. One way or another. And if not now, sometime later. So, exert control by allowing yourself to feel. If you allow yourself to feel, whatever you’re feeling – in the presence of your consciousness – will seize to affect you at a certain point. If you fight it or fail to allow it to be, it will persist until it finds an outlet.

Now, be mindful and know the difference between a fleeting emotion and the entertainment of misery. The moment we forget that we are the one feeling, and not the feeling itself, we will fail to transmute the energy to our desired state. The frequency that we have attached to and identified with becomes our reality until we choose we don’t want it anymore.

The skill is to bring the energy you’re feeling and emitting to your consciousness. Once aware of it, feel it – allow it to be – without associating yourself with it, and then change it.

Tune in to the emotions, the feelings, the energy. Observe your body, your reactions, your thoughts. Continue bringing all these to the light of your awareness – become conscious of them – and see how they dissolve and change into what you want them to be. This is Alchemy: transmuting energy.

Thank you for reading, dears. Let’s keep in touch!

With love,
Jun ❤

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