Soul Poetry: Emergence

Hello dears,

Here I share with you my latest poem, EMERGENCE.

These words came over me a few days ago, and honestly, I did not know how to present them to the world, as there is not much of a backstory to the poem itself; it’s the product of a lifetime of events, moments, decisions and the totality of many many things together… Somehow, this buildup manifested itself in a powerful flow of words, this poem, perhaps because I am indeed embodying this “emergence” of my deepest wishes more; I am bringing to life parts of me that I have suppressed for a very long time.

I was afraid of opinions, judgment, repercussions and what not. But now, I feel more in power and less afraid. I feel brave and bold. And I feel more like… myself. It’s like, something clicked. And I am allowing this version of me to emerge unapologetically and free.

When I read this poem, I feel this flow of energy, this emergence, subtly moving within. Enjoy EMERGENCE, as you too are emerging into your most glorious, free, and brave self.

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