Soul Poetry: I Am Receptive

Over the past few years, I’ve seen magic in the most beautiful forms. I can be thinking of something and it happens, dreaming or thinking of someone and meeting them “randomly” or hearing from them “out of the blue”. Whether it is running “late” just to help someone I couldn’t have helped otherwise, or to experience “stuff” that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise, I know that I’m led and guided by a very intelligent force. Sometimes it is as simple as seeing someone I don’t know multiple times in one day (without any reason other than being in the same energetic field) or simply exchanging thoughts with a stranger that would give me so much insight. But one thing is for sure: I am always at the perfect place, at the perfect time.

I’ve experienced so many synchronicities in the past few years that by now I smile and give thanks when I notice the magic. Always in reverence, always in awe. Because I know that it’s God at work. A beautiful orchestra by the energetic forces that can’t be seen unless you open yourself to them; they can’t be perceived for what they are unless you become receptive to them.

There is so much more beyond the five known senses. Open the Eye, and you too will see. I now see everything as part of something bigger, and it’s simply beautiful to experience magic on this scale.

More than merely experiencing, I know that I am also part of the creation of such magical experiences. As long as I am in tune with this Higher Intelligence, I know that I will continue to see the magic. As long as I am in communion with the Divine, I can find purpose in everything; I can see the fine lines. As long as I continue to follow the omens and my intuition, God will continue to show me as clearly, indisputably, that there is much happening “behind the scenes”.

This is an affirmation, in the form of a poem, to let God, the cosmos, and the working energies know that I am here, I notice, I participate, and I love all of it. This poem is me reaffirming my intentions and desires regarding how I intend to communicate with these forces. With a grateful heart, I share these words with you. May this poem and this post serve you in whatever form best suits your growth.

With love,
Jun 💜

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