Soul Poetry: I Am Enough

Fears and insecurities have been rising again these past days in my psyche. From thinking I’m not a “10” in this world, to feeling limited by conditions I cannot control, some fears have made themselves known once again. And they tried to bring me down again. I was feeling that I was lacking in many ways.

While praying and meditating this morning, it hit me again that whereas I might not feel like I’m enough, I am enough. A flow of thoughts came afterwards reminding me that despite everything that I feel, I am enough.

If you have been feeling insecure for whatever reason, whatever condition, whatever pain, just remember that you are enough. Even when you don’t feel like that, you are. Remember that most of our pain and insecurities are the products of our environment and our thinking. Our world is fucked up, y’all. Depression and suicide are common topics. It’s not you that are not enough, but it’s your duty to remember you are, or else, you will be buried alive by your thoughts.

In a world that’s always demanding us to represent its changing views of perfection, that punishes us when we fail to meet its demands, and make us feel insignificant in so so many ways, I ask you to go to a higher place to find your joy. Throughout a lifetime of experiences and conditions that make you feel unworthy, center in your Being. Remember that you are enough. Maybe not for the world, maybe not even for your own ideas of who you should be… But you are enough. Forever and always.

Be kind to yourself.♥️

With love,

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