Follow the Silence

#NoteToSelf 21.

After almost a year since my last Note To Self, here I share with you Note To Self 21. I love Notes To Self! They carry their own unique energetic signature. Besides being very personal, usually unplanned, and often the result of a rush of inspiration, there is a knowing – a certainty – as the words flow and form the body of text. It’s quite an experience.

“Follow the silence.

It is in the silence that inspiration sparks.

It is in the silence the tranquility comes.

It is in the silence that new thoughts emerge.

It is in the silence that old ones fade.

It is in the silence that you can observe.

It is in the silence that you will learn.

Follow the silence, dear. Follow the emptiness behind the noise. Follow the blank space in the myriad of thoughts. Follow the silence, often. In the midst of commotion, find the silence. When you don’t know what to do, find the silence. It will make space for inspiration and room for creativity.

Let your silent awareness bring you new insight; let your silent knowing tell you what to do. Remember that, it is the silence that permits noise. Remember that, emptiness, nothingness, is where everything emerges from.

If you want to go back to the beginning, follow the silence. If you want to tune into the unknown, follow the silence. If you are interested to know your innermost desires, follow the silence. When everything is quiet, the truth emerges.

When you can tune-out the noise and find the silence in every moment, you will have acquired the skill of selective focus. You will have mastered concentration above distractions. You will have understood the importance of following the silence.”

This somewhat poetic yet insightful flow of inspiration came to me with a loud and clear message: follow the silence. Be still. Make room. It’s been a long time since I received a message like this. I’m already looking forward to the next creative spark where my soul speaks directly to me. I also know that Notes To Self have their own way of forming, and their own time of arriving. Thus I patiently wait, while I continue to write and create other content.

Thank you for reading. Now tell me, how do you experience silence? I personally enjoy spending time in silence. It brings me clarity. It makes me observant. It calms me down. Indeed, I am not a stranger to silence, but it’s not often that I think about it. Never have I seen it through the lenses as mentioned above. With this new insight, I’m excited to be more consciously silent.

With love,
Jun ❤

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