Always Spiritual

Hello, dears. I’m back after a refreshing break. Like a season break, so to speak. My worldly responsibilities, however temporary the past few months, were taking a lot of space and I had to take a step back to cope with them. At a certain point, I took it up a nudge and disappeared from social media altogether for over two weeks. Ahhh that felt AH-MA-ZING. Not knowing nor caring what the world was doing. To this day I’m still quite detached from social media, admittedly. I really suggest everyone to disconnect every now and then. It’s liberating!

During my “free time” I didn’t do much. I spent quite some time smoking weed, watching series, porn and movies, and eating what came to my mind. I wasn’t depressed. I was really taking some time for me – filling my time whatever way I saw better fit. Whether that was going to the gym just to sit in the steam room or sauna for an hour, or drink a can of Coca Cola every day for almost a month, I was dealing with myself on my terms. Without any judgment.

Anyways, the point I want to make is that even though I wasn’t in my spiritual writer’s persona, nor creating content in any way for my personal enjoyment, I was fine. I felt the need for a break and I took it. I got offline and I enjoyed that. I started reading a book and didn’t want to finish it, so I started reading another one. And didn’t want to finish that one either, so I started with another one that fits so much more to my current desires. A week or two ago, I was sitting at 2:00 AM alone on the rooftop with a joint in one hand and my d*ck in the other, looking at the stars. In a communion with myself. I’m smiling as I’m writing this, because it was awesome.

And guess what? After having done all of the above, I’m still spiritual. I’m always spiritual. I still experience connection with the Divine. I still have magnificent experiences. I still enjoy God’s presence. I am still part of God. I Am, still.

I’ve had moments where I would sit quietly in my house, smoke my joint and contemplate outside and receive AH-MA-ZING downloads. I notice patterns and experience synchronicities so very often, constantly reminding me of how intelligent this universal system is. And when I am present enough, very often when I go for a walk, something astonishing happens. I can take a detour, just to see someone I don’t think I would’ve seen otherwise – again reminding me how intelligent the universe is.

I don’t need to do sh*t!

I’m currently reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert (amazing book!) and this thought recently hit me: I don’t need to do sh*t to be spiritual. You do stuff and you are spiritual. Regardless of what you do. Read that again.

There is nothing you must do to be spiritual. We are always part of- and connected to Spirit, as we are all spirits enjoying a temporary existence in a coat of meat. Do nothing to be with God, for you are part of God. We are instruments of the Divine, being and doing. Without doing, we are still instruments of the Divine – just not utilizing all our tools.

Spirituality & Creativity

We have an innate force within us that pushes us to create: creativity. There are many people that live a creative life, doing what sets their soul on fire. Painting, writing, producing, directing, designing, crafting.. All these things are things we do. They are creative expressions. They are not who we are and can only to an extent represent the force that brought them and us to existence.

Here’s where spirituality and creativity come together: when you pursue what sets your soul on fire – by doing more of it -, you strengthen your connection to your higher calling or purpose. You come closer to that which brings you an immense amount of happiness when you follow creative sparks. So by all means, do more of what you enjoy, because you enjoy doing it. By enjoying it, you’re enjoying the creative force of life.

The connection established between you and the Divine strengthens by means of creative pursuits and being more in balance. You can be happier and more fulfilled. You can learn more about metaphysics and the mystical. You can be in constant peace, enjoying an amazing existence and living a creative life. For this, you have to do the work. Your choices will always influence your outcome. So by all means, meditate, spend time in nature, sage, work-out, do what you need to do to stay balanced. Be curious, learn and expand. These practices do strengthen our connection to life and consequently make us feel more aligned and fulfilled.

Spiritual by nature. Happy by choice.

Now go, and be as spiritual as you are and do what makes you feel good. You will reach new levels of spiritual maturity and understanding when you’re ready. And you will handle your daily life with more wisdom and grace accordingly. Until then, be as spiritual as you are rather than doing what you think will make you more spiritual. Accept and love yourself at the level that you’re at and know that you are still spiritual, even if your actions are not in alignment with your morals and/or desires. You are always God’s child, even when you think you’re unworthy. Only when you acknowledge God in your life can you see God in its many forms.

Thank you so so so much for your time and attention. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments or via social media. Let’s keep in touch!

With love,
Jun ❤

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