Thrive In Systems

Waking up on this rainy Saturday morning, after an unintended break from my creative self, I realized that there was space within, and there was time available to create. “What to express?”, I wondered. And I allowed the following to come to me:

We live in systems, and systems have a way of working. Without knowing when, or how, you might find yourself in a system. And if you are not aware enough, you stay stuck in a system. Put so meticulously in place, these systems work for the ones running them. The ones not running such systems either get used to the system, reject the systems, or fight the systems. A few try to change the systems.

The most common system that I see is the traditional working system; the full-time job. Perhaps because I am now a full-time intern in an organization, I reflect on my experience the past 2 weeks. I first had to get used to the system – physically and mentally. I had to get used to being in a space for over 8 hours per day, and working for 8 hours. I love what I do in that organization – it’s important for me, and I support it, but that’s not my point. This post is meant to shed light on societal constructions and how we deal with those, not whether or not full-time jobs are a good or bad thing. I truly believe it’s up to us to give our lives purpose. Some find their purpose serving in a full-time, 9 to 5 job.

Working in such system made me think of my future self. I know that I’m not down for working like that, full-time, for the rest of my life. Now, how will I be able to honor this desire, especially as I’m about to finish my Bachelor’s degree in a year? Will I fight the “graduate-and-get-a-job” system? Will I make my system? Will I coexist with the current systems? Or will I continue in the education system and go for a Masters degree?

As a writer and aspiring educator and inspirator, I know that my ambitions do not include a full-time job in the traditional sense. I want my time to mean more than working to gain experience, pay bills, or make money. For me, purpose lies beyond all that, and my intention is to live purposefully in tune with my highest call.

But fact is that, there are still systems in place. And it won’t take long before I’m expected to join the working force. How will I make sure to live purposefully in spite of the established systems?

By committing to myself.

It’s impressive how we commit to organizations and want to deliver our best, but when it’s about showing up for ourselves, we do so so-so. I saw this in me the past few weeks; I put a stop to everything I was doing, and most of my attention was on the job. I didn’t write, I barely meditated, didn’t sport, barely socialized… Just working and Netflixing after work. In two weeks time I realized that I must be able to get more out of my time, regardless of a full-time internship. Even if I happen to end up in a full-time job, it’s up to me to do that temporarily or stay in its overarching system. Living my life my way is my decision.

As I’m committing to invest more time in my growth, my art, and my aspirations, I urge you to think of the systems you’re in and how they are affecting your ambitions. We owe it to ourselves to show up for ourselves.

Showing up for ourselves will make us uncomfortable but the rewards of a purposeful existence will make it all worth it. To do anything that will yield you benefits, you must always be critical of yourself and how you spend your time.

With love,

Jun ❤

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