Detach Thyself

#NoteToSelf 19.

I enjoy when inspiration comes to me. I was feeling a burning sensation – the feeling of excitement because I knew that I’d be writing something. I did not know about what, though. Then my mind started to come up with the idea of honesty. But then again, these Notes To Self don’t really come from the mind. When I closed my eyes to get inspiration, a voice from deep in the back of my head whispered: “detach yourself”. And this is how this Note To Self came into existence. It does not have anything to do with honesty, but something much bigger than what I thought.

Detach: disengage (something or part of something); leave or separate oneself from (a group or place).

Interesting concept, yet as arbitrary and ambiguous as words can be, difficult to grasp. Context is also relevant when writing about words and their definitions, as one word can have many meanings, thus I asked myself what this Note entails. Become detached. Become separate. Stand by myself. But how?

I have come to the awareness that this Note is nothing more than my Soul asking me to leave my mental constructions behind. It is asking me to detach myself from outcomes, expectations, and judgments. Stand on my own. Sit in the seat of Self. (Still vague, right?)

So, let me start by explaining what detaching does not mean. Detaching does not mean that I should not love fully or have people or causes that I care about. To be detached does not mean to not care.

Becoming detached is becoming the observer without preferences. But how can you have no preferences and still have people and causes that you care about?

It means that even if the world turns against me, even in the midst of the deadliest sicknesses, even in great pain and joy, I still stand centered in Me because I am not attached to anything happening around or outside of Me. Even when the happiness turns into sadness, and the waves of emotions arise, even when the tears rush to my eyes and I start to cry, I am centered in Me; knowing my identity and standing by myself.

Life flows in waves and cycles – and to become detached is to learn how to ride the waves and complete the cycles without suffering.

To detach is the next step (in my evolution), I am told. Most won’t understand – but then again, it’s not my concern. I am not writing this for them. My focus is to detach; become a detached lover, a detached being, a detached observer.

We tend to think that love means being (emotionally) attached to whatever we love. It is not. The Purest Form Of Love does not cling unto anything, not even Its own Creation. It flows with the current, like water flows, without any resistance. It builds because it is meant to, and regardless of the outcome, it gives without expectations.

Detaching the Self from the mind brings the next level of freedom of not having preferences over matters. In whatever form, way or shape “things” come, the detached observer simply observes and flows with all of it. The observer knows that Life will make a way – Its way. And thus, the observer does not cling to what should or should not be; he is always centered in What Is. She does not choose, but rather lets the shots be called by a higher power; Life Itself.

Detach Thyself, I am told. As I am still trying to find the words to conceptualize this Truth, I allow myself to Be. I have had to know being attached so I can know how to become detached. How it will happen is a mystery and work in process, but there is a reason why I am getting this message. And so I listen and share my insights.

NoteToSelf 19


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