Let The Unkown Excite You, Not Scare You

#NoteToSelf 18.

Choices lead to outcomes. While some of them can take us to “heaven”, others might let us see “hell” for a while. We keep making decisions anyway. After so many tries, after so many decisions, after so many outcomes, things might get scary. The unknown might become frightening. Even the thought of the future can be terrifying. With every decision, we co-create what we know as the future and we keep heading into the future in every moment of now.

While the unknown can be scary, while the future can be frightening, the real question here is: what is there to fear?

Why is it that we become afraid of making choices? Why is it that we choose to stick to what we know and are afraid of the unknown? What can the future bring that we are not able to handle? Do you really think that you cannot handle what you are being handed?

I personally believe that there is a higher intelligence making its way. For even the smallest decision, like choosing to go for a walk can result in you meeting a person that you would not have otherwise met (or may have if you believe in destiny ;)). Even going for a bike ride can result in a fatal accident. And for some, even going for a nap means not waking up again.

The unknown is unfamiliar. Unfamiliar is in itself scary for the mind. But did you know that in essence, there is no difference for the mind between anxiousness and excitement? Anxiety and excitement are both aroused emotions. Anxiety is fear of the future; fear that something might go wrong. As we choose how to see things, we can either see the future in terms of opportunities or threats. In both cases – anxiety and excitement – the heart beats faster, cortisol surges, and the body prepares for action.

We will continue to face unknown, unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. In spite of those, dare to act! Dare to do more of what excites you! Dare to be excited for more! Take control of your sentiments. Let the fear be, and then be brave. Trust that there is a higher intelligence making its way. Know that you too are part of this intelligence. See the fine lines of the universe. Sense the magic of events unfolding in divine order.

This Note To Self is a reminder to be brave. Fear will constantly be triggered. Anxiety will make my hands sweat and my heartbeat rise. Indeed, the unpredictability of life can be scary. But I know now, after confirmation after confirmation, that life will take care of itself.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. – John Lennon


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