Embrace Life

#NoteToSelf 17.

Embrace: accept willingly and enthusiastically. How often do we accept willingly? How often do we, in fact, embrace life?

I’ve been walking around for the last 5 years with a ring that has Embrace Life engraved on it. But.. It wasn’t until recently that I actually took some time to understand what this ring has been telling me.

Do I accept Life as it unfolds in front of me? Do I really take it all in? Am I really grateful for whatever thing I cannot influence that is passing in front of me? Am I Embracing Life as it comes in? As of right now, where I am in my life, I am. But, for how long? How long will I stay in this flow of Embracing Life? These questions, together with some events that have happened over the past month have made me really think about acceptance, life and its flows, and how we usually deal with these.

I have come to notice that most of the times, when things go according to what we expect and want, we have no difficulties in Embracing Life. Of course, we willingly accept and even enthousiastically say “yes” to Life as it unfolds. This is especially true when we intend things and they materialize or manifest. I’ve had many of those manifestations experiences that made me feel powerful, in control, and even certain of what I will make of my life – as I used to think that I could control some things happening around me, and thus all my life results.

Now, Life is teaching me that I am not in conrol of events unfolding. In fact, there are things that in my little mind don’t even make sense as to how they happen(ed) and why they happen(ed).

There is a saying that says “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” – reffering to making the best of whatever life throws at you.

Yet, I question even that. Why make the “best” of something? That implies that whatever we are perceiving is not perfect the way it is. There is the assumption that “good” and “bad” things happen, and depending on what happens, we feast, mourn, or make lemonades.

This Note To Self is reminding me that All Of Life is perfect. Indeed, my preferences of what should or should not be happening in my life are preferences. And, should I want to live a happy, joyous Life, I must Embrace Life every day regardless of preferences,. I must be thankful for the most perceivable painful events. Because, if I analyze those events, they are what they are. Learning to differentiate events from my personal experiences that have a lot to do with my personal preferences, is liberating me from the limitations of my mind. Accepting everything happening, respecting and honoring all events unfolding, is bringing me peace.

As Joseph Campbell eloquentely stated,

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

Embrace Life – ALL OF IT. Let the events of Life bring you to levels of peace that are unimaginable for the mind.


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