Don’t Believe Everything You Think

#NoteToSelf 12.

Our brains function in very amazing ways. Sometimes I catch myself thinking 1001 different scenarios. When I’m not present enough, I engage in my thoughts and everything around me becomes irrelevant. And often while meditating, my thoughts drift to many places, both in past and future events. All these different examples are reflections on how powerful our thoughts can be. I was recently questioning my own thoughts as they were wandering in my head, and I asked myself what these are. I was intrigued by my mind, as I was having very random thoughts. I’m gonna share the questions I asked and the responses I got from my Self.


… There are a million voices in my head. How am I supposed to know which one is God? How do I know what is Truth?

… Thoughts; they come and go. They can spark magic and fire, or they can bring you to places you didn’t desire. But I am here. I am here. I am right here. Behind the clouds. Behind it all. I create, I observe, and I create.

You have the free will to create, observe and create. It’s a process constantly happening. Let the thoughts come and go. Observe and create. You will feel it when it’s Me. You will know The Truth. You always do. Now continue observing, feeling, and creating.

I realized that thoughts can be misleading. We have many thoughts flowing in. Some of these thoughts can spark ideas that can change our world, and others can lead us to bridges and in front of trains. It’s all in our head. Don’t believe everything you think. But rather, observe, and create, with what is being brought to you by your mind. Use the thoughts that can take you to even better places. Question your thoughts, don’t follow them blindly. You will always know what is Truth.

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