Prioritize Priorities

#NoteToSelf 11.

We have time. And most of the time, we waste our time. I spend my time doing things that I can barely remember two weeks later. I repeat the same habits, paying little attention to them. And then, I look back and wonder when I stopped working on my dreams. We have time to do so many things, y’all. We have time to socialize, read, meditate, study, work, exercise… There is really enough time for all of it. But first, you have to choose to do it!

This is a reminder to myself to use my time optimally. To remember that I have time, but if I don’t pay attention, I can come to waste my time as well. First things first, the rest will come after. Prioritize your priorities; make a list of things you want to do; rank their importance and what it takes to achieve each of these goals; make a schedule of how you plan to do these things; STICK TO THE FUCKING SCHEDULE.


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