Actions Have Consequences

#NoteToSelf 8.

Hello Internet-world! I’ve been walking around with a thought for the last couple of days.. The law of Cause and Effect. Some things are so obvious that we dismiss their existence. Like the air that we breathe, and the gravity that makes it possible to remain grounded, the law of Cause and Effect is one of these obvious things that we don’t many times pay attention to.

Everything – from the smallest, personal occurrences, encounters, interactions, and achievements, to the biggest collective issues around us are products of this law. Everything in this world, from the power of Western countries to disbalance of resources in the world is a direct result of some action. Achievements and the lack thereof are effects of some actions. Obesity, sickness, brokenness, disbalance… Everything happening in our lives is a result of another thing. Most of the times these “things” that produce effects are things that we have the power to change, and thus create new effects. We will get the same results over and over again if we keep practicing the same actions.

So, as I remind myself of this law, I urge myself to be more responsible for my creations. Perhaps I cannot control the bigger, collective effects happening in the world (or perhaps I actually can by taking individual action), but I know that in my personal life – should I want to see some changes – I need to embrace this law and take full responsibility of the effects I create in my life. One decision at a time creates one effect at a time. From the smallest things to the bigger things, the law of cause and effect is always present.


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