Honor Your Feelings BUT….

#NoteToSelf 7.

I think most of us enjoy feeling good. I know that we don’t always feel good. And that’s okay. Life has many facets. But I also know that most of our sufferings are triggered by external forces. I am realizing that whatever way we feel is okay. Crying is okay, laughing is okay, feeling annoyed is okay, feeling sad is okay, feeling happy is okay… And feeling excited is also okay. All of it is okay.

Nonetheless, whatever way I feel is only between me and me. If I feel sad, annoyed, short-tempered, mad, or happy, excited, grateful, even blissful, It’s all ME with ME. I’m writing this note to myself as a reminder that NOTHING I feel is outside me.

We all have these mood triggers. They can be anything: from someone giving a remark, to failing an assignment. Hormones can trigger us, smells can trigger us, loudness can trigger us… My biggest triggers used to be PEOPLE. How I react on these triggers is important; it is the crucial point between me and me. It is the defining moment where I decide what energy I am sending to the world. When it comes to people and their actions, it’s the hardest.

But here’s a thing: I am not responsible for the actions of anyone but me. It is my responsibility to handle any feelings that may arise within with myself. I can ask myself what it is that is triggering me. If I feel that it is something outside of me, I can communicate it with the awareness that whatever way I am feeling, it is me with me. If someone does something that makes me smile, I can communicate it with the awareness that it is me with my triggers.

We often feel entitled to say and do things because of what another has said or done. It is much more difficult to admit that it is us dealing with ourselves. Always honor how you feel, question it, embrace it or change it, but remember… Whatever feeling you have, it is you handling with yourself. Take responsibility for your feelings one feeling at a time.


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