Let Your Presence Be The Present

#NoteToSelf 6.

As I am sitting in my bed reflecting on my day and wondering where life is leading me, I can’t help to realize that I am glowing more now. I am smiling more often. I am enjoying the little moments more often – and my presence is becoming more of a present.

This note to my smaller self is a reminder that the biggest gift I can give the world is me; my being in its most wonderful form. My soul rejoicing. My smile. My positivism. My love. The world needs more of it.

And so, may this note to self be a note to you as well: your presence is enough to put a smile on someone’s face. Your being is enough to light up an entire room. The decision to be a present to the world is yours. Just know that the world will appreciate it. Don’t let your insecurities disturb your glow. You, just like me, are perfect. You are a gift. Be the best gift you can be.


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