True Love Needs Nothing

#NoteToSelf 5.

Most of us have experienced what I call true love. Most of us give true love. Just not to everyone. My spirit tells me that true love is pretty much empirically observable – and it needs NO-THING. It is observable in the mother that cleans the baby without expecting a thank you. It is observable in the friend who is there unconditionally, without the need to gain anything. It is observable in the admiration I have for flowers – for I don’t need anything from the flowers I love.

We have learned that love is hard, complicated and dramatic. But is it? No. Love is kind, beautiful, graceful. The greatest love to me is God’s love. Oh, how much I love God. God wakes me up without the need for a ‘thank you’. God’s love is the air that I breathe. God’s love is this beautiful planet that asks nothing from us. God’s love is the abundance of resources. It doesn’t need anything. It is there, unconditionally. God’s love IS true love.

What most confuse with Love is a Damage. A deep need for someone to call ‘our own’. Why, though? Is this perhaps because we have been taught to think like this? Starting with a “jealous” God? I don’t know, but I’m realizing bit by bit that true love needs nothing. True love is not clingy. True love, God’s love, is unconditional. I look forward to expressing more of this needless love. I look forward to giving more and needing nothing. I am abundant – abundant in love. Why would I need anything from anyone, whether this is compromise, loyalty, or exclusivity? Why the urge for someone to call ‘my own’? By now I know that the only thing I can call my own is my life.


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