Understanding Makes Room For Growth

#NoteToSelf 4.

Become aware of everything you can. As much as you can. It is by becoming aware and understanding why that you can change your life. You may want to do a lot, but unless you don’t understand what makes you not act on your heart desires, you will continue to sabotage yourself.

I am training myself to become more mindful of my thoughts, my behavior, and my actions. All these are interconnected, starting with the thoughts. If I can understand my own ways of thinking, I can change them. Now.. What I am realizing is that I can only change me. I am responsible for the energy I put in the world. I am responsible for my thoughts, actions, and responses.

Thus, understanding my energy by tuning into it, understanding my thoughts by constantly questioning them and understanding my actions and responses by reflecting on them will lead me to change these. If I don’t question, if I don’t challenge, if I don’t reflect, I won’t understand. If I don’t understand, I won’t grow.


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