Unfulfilled Actions

#NoteToSelf 3.

On a very personal level, many many manyyy times I have wanted to do things. Many times I have said that I was going to do certain things. I have desired, I have been determined and certain that I was going to do things. These things can be anything.. From going more often to the gym, to quit smoking weed, to putting more focus on my school, to being more active doing what I really like, to cooking more often. But I have come to realize that my word really doesn’t mean shit.

I remember writing a quote way back that said: “Action without intention is as useless as intention without action.” I have been intending to do many things, but when it comes to action, to actually fulfill my intentions, I don’t do much. I have been walking around with a thought since yesterday: intentions are not fulfilled unless I take actions.

I get a chance every day to be and feel fulfilled with my actions. I have every day a chance to do something that “I want to..” I am constantly choosing. Every day, every minute. How am I spending my hours? How am I spending my days?

And so this note to myself. A reminder that as nice as words are, they are words. Constantly telling myself all that “I’d like to do” does not actually get those things done.


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